Monday, July 2, 2007

The White Hunt

Last summer my girls and I all went to Las Vegas for my bachelorette party. It. Was. Awesome. If you are curious about our adventures, you can see all about them (settle in for some seriously long posts...) here, here and here. It might be a lot to take in and read, but I really liked looking at the pictures...awww. the point. No, this post is not about Vegas, it is more about what clothes I wore in Vegas. You see, Boo had this wonderful idea to dress me in white every day we were away. There were (obviously) several outfits for each day, a white bathing suit, pool cover-up...bla bla bla. I had a ton of white. Now, they were not all white outfits, mind out. Just white on the top or the bottom, no need to go crazy here, but it is safe to say I have more white in my closet than most. Way more.

Still waiting for the point, aren't you? Here you go. Tarp and Jim are having a White Party for the 4th of July. It will be awesome. Seriously. Awesome. They have an amazing house downtown and you can see the fireworks from their roof top deck. There will be about a hundred and fifty people there all dressed in white from head to toe. They will have delicious food and a never ending supply of Margarita's, Manhattan's and Cosmopolitan's...last year a group of us went and it completely rocked. Best 4th of July party ever. Wow...I am pulling this all together....really.

So...Tarp decides on a white party and I think, "What could be better for me?!?! I have a TON of white. I can wear ANYTHING!". We have been talking about the party nonstop and I keep mixing and matching outfits in my head....what will be perfect? I worry a little about Nick, especially since he has decided he just has to wear a white sweater vest with nothing under it...that's right, but the worry about myself has been minimal. That was until yesterday. Yesterday I was at my sisters house and she showed me her dress...the one she got in Hilton Head which is totally to die for....the she showed me my little sisters dress...also to die for.

So here I am on the second of July totally green with white dress envy....I am going out to find the perfect white dress right now. I just can't seem to bring myself to mix and match my old stupid white tops and bottoms. No way, no how. Not doing it. I need the perfect dress...and perfect white sun glasses...just to put me over the top. Plus I have to try and find a white sweater vest, so I will be at the mall anyway...wish me luck!


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  2. Sorry about the deleted comment guys...I am not hiding anything crazy here...the comment was in a differnet language and when I tried to translate it, it didn't really seem to be in any real language I could find. I did a google search and found out the same comment had been left on other sites. It had links on it, so I didn't want anyone to click on it in case it was some kind of virus!

  3. Wow- thanks for the rave review of last year's party... hope to be getting a smashing review about this year's as well (when you get a new computer).. your white dress was perfect!