Saturday, June 30, 2007


So, do you all like the way I post my award and then just mysteriously stopped posting for a few of days? I just like to look at it! Okay...that isn't really the truth, but that is what I would be thinking if I were you! I have actually been hellishly busy. For real. Not just reading Harry Potter, but really and truly BUSY. Wanna hear with what? thought so!

First off, I had to go back up to the other lab and this time I really did end up staying the night. It was not really a big deal. Nick did come up for dinner and we went to the Gambling boat with his mom and step dad. Nick had never been to any kind of casino before, so it was fun. We even managed to win some money...AMAZING!

Besides that the trip was pretty uneventful. There was the fact that my hotel room did not have a blow dryer....what the hell. I swear to God I have packed my blow dryer on every trip to a hotel room I have ever been on, then when I get there I am all like, "Oh yea!! I didn't need this!". Well, I finally wise up and leave mine at home only to learn my dumb ass hotel didn't provide them! It also had no coffee pot (for the record, my room was really nice....not some run down joint, but cute and strange) which forced me to eat breakfast at the waffle house before work...mmmmm.

As I am sure you can imagine, my work here at home got really backed up with me gone. That on top of the fact that we have this HUGE project in where we are testing all these lakes and streams in our state for e. coli, and all the samples are brought in by volunteer collectors over three days....and the fact that there are like, a million of them, has meant some really long days at work. This was my weekend to work, but after three hours of complete chaos and about 85 samples dropped off I finally called in Tarp to help. Ended up that I worked twice as long as I would on a normal Saturday...and that was with his help....God I am glad he came in.

Now, add into this busy, busy schedule the fact that my best friend Charings step-dad has had a stroke. It has been really difficult for everyone. Charging was in New York when it happened, so her and Carter flew back home early. I was at the hospital on Thursday night, then Friday I picked up Charing and I have been taking care of Carter off and on since then. I have even had him at the lab with me. Oh, how he gave Tarp and I endless joy. We may have taught him some new bad habits (like screaming games) and given him a deep love of fish, but whatever...he sat in his chair (high back rolling comfortable) while we sang to him and worked. He is now asleep in my bed because he is staying the night...see what I mean...BUSY!

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