Friday, June 1, 2007

Making It...

My surgery went really well yesterday. They were able to burn out most of the endometriosis, so that is really great. He was also able to save my left ovary. He told me several times how he wouldn't take it out because we were trying for a baby...glad I was clear on that. He did say that I had progressed to moderate/severe endo, which was what he was expecting to find. The cyst was all kinds of messed up, full of endo and blood. Gross. He also said my case was unusual in the fact that I have a great deal of endometriosis growing on the front side of my abdomen and all over my bladder, which would account for some of my pain. I guess it is much more common on the back side. We all know I like to defy medical science, so I am not surprised. I am just laying around. Nick has been really wonderful at taking care of me. Getting my food and pills. Waking me up to make sure to take my medicine on time...all that perfect husband stuff. Charing brought a WONDERFUL dinner over for us last night. Tarp is actually coming by for lunch today to check in on me, bring me band aids, and enjoy some of the wonderful left overs. After the surgery Boo brought lots of breakfast and lunch stuff over, plus deserts (she rocks!)! Basically I have not stopped eating except to sleep. All my wonderful friends and family are bringing dinners over the next several nights. I am so lucky. I seriously have the best friends and family anyone could ask for.

I guess that is about all I've got for you all. Here I am with all this time to post anything I want, and I am basically not doing anything worth talking about. The pain is bad, but I am managing. As long as I stay drugged and stay on the couch I am cool. I am really swollen, so that looks awesome. My shoulders are killing me. I slept sitting up most of the night last night to let all the gas rise from the surgery. I think it helped some. Thanks so much for all your good thoughts and prayers. I am sure I will better than ever in no time!


  1. I there, just land on your blog through google !

    Sorry you had to go through that with endometriosis. A friend of mine had it and everything turned out okay.

    Nice blog !

  2. Love you!! Just let us know if there is anything else we can do!! I'm glad everthing went as well as possible!!