Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hell of a Lot of Hail

Monday night I was laying on the couch and Nick walked in. The sun was setting and he had been working in the yard. He had picked up a couple of ferns and got them planted in the back after work. He looked over and me and said, *sigh* "I'm done! We have been working so hard on this yard and all of our flower beds and vegetable beds are finished. Now we are totally at maintenance for the rest of the summer. What a great feeling!" He should have known it was too good to last.

Yesterday our lovely home town was hit by one hell of a storm. Around noon Nick called me to see if it was hailing at my work. It was hailing at the University and he wanted to check to see if it was also happening by me. I stick my head out in the rain...trying to decide if anything looked like hail, end up sending Tarp out into the pouring rain to check....he comes back with some gravel ( bad) and we decide it must be missing us. Honestly I was a little bummed. How often to do you get to see some hail?

Apparently I had to wait about three hours. There was no looking out to see or running to pick up gravel this time. It sounded like our lab was going to cave in. This. Was. Crazy. We are talking quarter sized hail, and a TON of it. Ripping threw trees, bouncing off cars (Lucky for me I still don't own one...) basically taring everything apart. It was honestly like nothing I have ever seen in my entire life. Once it stopped there were huge mounds of it, you could pick it up and make hail balls out of it!

Once I got home I realized our house had been hit even harder. It was three hours after the storm and our flower beds still had a couple of inches of hail in them! (Okay, I totally know at this point I should be loading pictures and they would TOTALLY make this post better, but unfortunately I had let Candice use my camera...who knew there would be a freak hail storm that needed documentation?!?!) Our flowers in the front had all the blooms knocked off them, but I think they will survive. The back yard is another story. There is NOTHING left. Our flowers are totally gone. You can't even tell they were ever there. Same with the vegetables. Our Hostas looks like a very creepy plant skeleton. Only the leaves. Nick was seriously broken hearted. He just kept saying, "but I just finished it all yesterday..." There was nothing to say to make it any better...but who ever would have thought...hail.

**WAIT...I just checked my Aunts blog and she totally wrote a wonderful post about her experience with the hail...and it's FUNNY...and it has PICTURES!! Go take a look!***


  1. I'm SO sorry about all your hard work getting ruined. That's terrible! Boy, I am so spoiled with almost perfect weather almost all the time. I will have a lot to get used to when I live in your area. Rain? Hail? Snow? Sleet? We don't believe in those things in Southern California.


  2. Hi There! To start with, I want to say your have a nice blog indeed.

    I feel for you guys getting the hail storm. We had a large hail storm monday evening here in GA also that done so much damage to our flower beds and totally beat our tomoto plants to death. So we'll have to replant new ones now. Good luck putting your yard back together!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your plants. That is just so infuriating! Mine mostly got off unscathed, though I should probably go put one of my bell pepper plants out of its misery. I will never understand how that happened, since we had three inches of hail on our back deck. Go figure.

  4. oh my god! you must have been ground zero... LOL

  5. OK- I have no idea who James is.. other than Jim.. why the hell would he have a blogspot ID? Tarp-P.S.- Today, I am James...