Thursday, June 14, 2007


Why is it that when a person is terrified to fly, they will undoubtedly have the worst flying experience ever? Why can't it just be easy? Nick headed off to New York yesterday. The first time they went there was a direct flight, but this time they had a lay-over in Atlanta. This fact alone was horrifying to Nick. He truly hates the idea of being on a plane, so the idea of two in one day just about put him over the edge.

I guess it is just fate that when he landed in Atlanta they found out there was a delay on the connecting flight. As they sit there...for several hours...they find out that the problem is that there is some issue with the plane. Really?!?! Do you need to tell my fly-a-phobic (I am sure there is a real name for this) husband that the plane is having mechanical issues?? Do you really think that is what he wants to be picturing in his head? I am sure he thought the wing had fallen off or something and it took all his will power to not just run out the door and jump on a bus back home. After the extended delay they did make it safe and sound to New York. I just hope he is still willing to get on a plane to get back home!

***The new look of Bio Girl will hopefully be up in a day or two. I am working really hard on it and I really love it...hope you all do too!***

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  1. I wonder why Nick is so scared of flying? He's always so big and strong about everything. That must be his Achilies heel?
    Can't wait to see the new look, I'm sure it will be great, who cares what the reviewers think? It's your blog, it should be what you like, right?