Friday, June 22, 2007


I was really dreading my trip to the other lab earlier in the week...that was, of course, until I found out that Nick was driving up and we were going to hang out and have dinner at the wonderful Cheesecake Factory with his parents. Once I had all those details in my head I was really kinda pumped! So...wouldn't you just know that after I get all my plans lined up, found out that the hotel does have WiFi, pack my bags and make the hour and a half drive I would find out that there was really no need for me to work more than one day there and that I could go ahead and drive home the same day. Damn.

Really, the decision was up to me. I could have still stayed, taken them up on the hotel, then found random things to do around their lab. Things that need to be done, but not that just HAVE to be done RIGHT THIS SECOND. I was tempted. I was there, totally ready to stay. Then my adult self started talking inside my head. "You know you should go back. Your lab has this same kind of work that needs to be done. No real reason to stay..."

Then the child self kicks in, "But it will be fun! Hotel room, great dinner, Nick is coming, a night out...cheesecake!"

Adult self yells back, "You wont even sleep that well in the know it is true. Your back will hurt. They need you at home ... you have RESPONSIBILITIES!"

And then....then an amazing thing happened. The child self gave up. I told them that if they really didn't NEED me, I should go on home. We canceled the hotel room, and I got back into town around eight pm. A long day...with no cheesecake, but it was really nice to be home and I got a hell of a lot done in my lab yesterday. One more sign that I am actually growing up...the adult voice is winning...sometimes.


  1. Sounds like good news to me.

    dad xoxo

  2. That child's voice never goes away, no matter how old you get. There's always a kid in there screaming to get out. It's just that as you get older, the adult voice wins most of the time. Don't ever "kill" your inner child though, it's part of what makes us who we are. Sometimes we need to be silly, and selfish and childish, just not too often!!

  3. Yeah, it's extremely annoying to grow up, isn't it???