Saturday, June 2, 2007

So Tired

I am a little amazed to even type this...but I have been awake for a total of two hours today. That's right, folks. We are now seventeen hours into the day and I have slept 15 of them. Awesome. I do wish there was some way to convey to my neighbors that I am a little under the weather and need my rest. Unfortunately they don't seem to know or care.

To the right of my house is a very nice couple. A very nice couple who have three very large dogs. Two are so sweet and perfect and I would just love to own them and pet them and take care of them...then there is Charlie. CHARLIE! He hates me. It is a deep, deep hate too. Not one that can easily be overcome by me saying his name, showing that I know him. It doesn't matter how long I am outside. He just stands there and barks (and foams at the mouth a little). If I go into the addition and he can't see me, he stops until my head pops back out...then the barking begins again. For some reason this morning Charlie was in a barking mood...and I wasn't even outside to egg him on. I really wanted to throw open my back door and scream at him..but you know, if someone did that to Ellie I would kill them so I restrained.

On the left side of my house is a very nice little family. A nice little family that loves to work on cars. In their driveway. Right beside where my bed is. Awesome. I had to fight every urge in my body this morning to grab a hold of my (very nice) bamboo blinds, rip them open and give the very nice family the death look from hell. Or maybe I could have just yelled SHHHHHHH really loud. I did neither. Nick looked a little horrified when I mentioned these ideas and just said "Baby, I really don't think you can do that!" I just made my way to the couch and continued my sleeping out there. Problem solved forever! Or maybe just until tomorrow morning.

I do have to say that along with sleeping like a champ, I am eating like a queen! Seriously. If it wasn't for all this pain and what not I would do this surgery thing more often! Candice and Davis came by and fried chicken for us last night, Boo brought over lunch, and my wonderful and perfect Aunt, Mrs. Who just dropped by with some of the best looking food I have ever seen for tonight's dinner. She even made me a Derby pie...I could just cry I am so filled with joy! Anyways, thanks everyone for being so wonderful. Now, I think I might go back to the couch and take a little nap before we eat...

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  1. I'm sorry that you feel so bad, but hopefully the worst is over. We will stop in to see you tonight.

    Love you,