Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Nick and I are total nerds. On Sunday night after we ate the delicious dinner that Liz brought over, we were laying around on the couch and I started to feel like shit. Just bla all over. Nick gets out the paperwork from the surgery to see if there is anything we should be worried about. It says that if I have a fever of over 100 we should call the doc. Our only problem...apparently we don't own a thermometer. So, after some serious brain storming Nick realizes we can use....the meat thermometer! That's right folks. He washes it up real nice, then sticks it in my mouth. This is, of course, after the warning that the tip is really sharp, and...you know...made to puncture meat, so be careful.

The trusty meat thermometer (which was totally digital and a REALLY nice thermometer) spit out the reading of 100 degrees. (Nick set the alarm on it so we would know if I crossed the 100 degree mark...exciting when it went off). Anyways, all of this doesn't seem to nerdy to me, although I could see where it would to you all. No, the part I think is just a touch on the nerdy side is the fact that after it told us I was at 100 degrees, we realized we needed to test it accuracy. You know...see if it has a correction factor. We ended up setting up a little science experiment, testing it against the known controls of boiling water and ice. Turns out it was reading "just about right" in our scientific opinion! We were really proud of ourselves...

The end of the story is that we did end up calling the doctor and I had to go in yesterday morning. They said the fever and nausea was from all the inflammation due to the extensive amount of endo they had to remove. Basically, take a little more time off to recover and take more meds. I am feeling A- OK today, so I am heading in for a half day. Wish me luck!


  1. LOL! A meat thermometer!! That is to funny!!

  2. hahaha.... there's an extra thermometer over here but you and McGayver clearly don't need it. You two are just too intelligent sometimes.

  3. Brings a whole new meaning to "Turkey's done." ;)

  4. Hee, I am totally in awe of your ability to construct a control group for your experiment even though you were sick.

    (Hi, I'm Heather, btw. I followed the link from your aunt's equally hilarious blog)

  5. You need a vacation.. soon- Tarp

  6. terrific idea, though I would have stuck it in an armpit as opposed to my mouth.