Monday, June 25, 2007


So I had my post-op visit today. I know you are all thinking, "Really, we are back on the surgery? Wasn't that, like ages ago?!?" but I do not care what you think...okay, I lied. I totally care what you think, but I thought this might just be interesting enough to share. Yes, my surgery was a month ago. When I left the surgery center they were all like, wait until your post-op visit before you go back to normal life! The visit was suppose to be two weeks after surgery, but they couldn't get me in until now.

How glad am I that after two weeks I totally gave that up and went back to normal. The doc glanced at my scars, asked how I felt when I was exercising (HA! clearly this man doesn't really know me! I totally said, "oh, yea...perfectly normal during all the exercise!"...if he thinks I am fit, might as well go with it!) And basically told me I was good to go. The more interesting part of the visit was really with the nurse.

She brought be back into the room (after having me get on the scale, noticing that I went up two pounds, then pointing out that this time I had on jeans and tennis shoes, so not to worry. Like I need any help making excuses for myself, but it was really nice of her to worry about me. I decided to not mention my chicken nuggets for lunch or my plan to get Frosty's when I left to her...might take away from the entire jeans argument.) Anyway, she was looking at my post-op notes in my chart and she looks up and me and says,"I don't think I have ever seen a laproscopic post-op sheet that had this much stuff on it! Both ovaries were stuck down with endometrium, it was all over your bladder, in front of and behind your uterus, these are a testament to when someone comes in here and says they are having pelvic pain. I would say you had pain! My goodness!" In a strange way it is always good to hear your complaints are justified...just wish I didn't have to deal with it at all!

I did also learn that the doc was pretty surprised to find my tubes open. I also learned that had they been closed, there was nothing they could have done! What the hell?!?! I am so freakin glad I didn't know that! I just thought they could go in there and open them right back up. WRONG! I guess I dodged that bullet and didn't even realize it! So, lets hope the surgery did it's job and you wont hear me talk about my endometriosis for a long time!

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