Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On the Road

So I totally forgot to mention this on here, but it looks like all of my bitching about the other lab went unnoticed because I am heading there this morning to help them out again on the biscuit project. They are putting me up in a hotel and I will work there today and tomorrow, then again for two days next week. I did tell our GM about all my grievances (not so much the chair...but basic large concepts) and she said that she totally understood and would let others know. Tarp is convinced I will walk in to a high back chair and a radio this morning. If I do I might just crawl in a hole and die....

I was going to tell you how the timing really couldn't be worse with Nick just getting home and here I am on the road, but last night he decided to drive up and meet me and his parents for dinner, then we will hang out around town for a while...pretty exciting! I am also bringing my (or rather Boo's) laptop to keep me company once Nick heads home. If the luxurious Red Roof Inn had wireless Internet you might hear from me again later tonight! I am now looking at the time...MUST go!


  1. A little over a year and a half ago-I went out of town to Gatlinburg with you and the girls. As soon as I got back, Cory went up to Chicago for BMW school. He came home... and nine months later we had Moose!!

  2. I was just thinking that!!! That would be PERFECT!!