Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update: Operation Master Bath I feel this very strong need to post, and yet I have nothing to talk about. I know what I will do...a picture post! Did you all forget that I was in the process of adding a room onto my house? (and by I, of course I totally mean Nick with help from his dad and also a tiny bit of help from me...) I thought you might have! I know I have slacked a little on pictures, updates and what not for this little DIY project, but seeing as how I spent this entire weekend in the yard, I thought it would be the perfect time to bring it back to the blog!

This is actually from several weeks ago, but what can I say...I am behind. Here is the start of us laying stone and finishing the block wall.Here is Nick all geared up to cut down the old stone wall...adorable in that really dirty kind of way...One day we have a deck...
Next day it's gone!
The tractor shows up to back-fill all the dirt and give me back a yard! (a very muddy yard, but I will take what I can get...)
Block wall is now totally finished and all rubble is out of the crawl space! ( big hell yea to me because I got most of that rubble out on my arms might never be the same...)
And this...this might not look like much to you all....but THIS is the beginning of framing! It is the sill plate or something...whatever. Soon, I will have actual walls! What a dream come true!

***We were watching Extreme Home Makeover tonight and we realized they built an entire house in a week. A week people! They kept being like, "Day 4: drywall is done and the entire house is painted!" Nick looked over and said, "Man...they move a lot faster than us...we are on day, like 365!" I guess things take a lot longer when you basically have one man building his own bathroom. No time for looking is time for framing! ***

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