Saturday, June 9, 2007

Microbiology Emergency

What's that? You didn't think I had emergencies at my work? You assumed it was all scientific thinking and nerdyness...well, you are right, but every now and then the nerdyness gets out of control and then chaos ensues...We got a call yesterday. The main lab, which is about an hour and a half away, was having…well, a microbiology emergency. One of their analysts had called in, and they had three HUGE projects on their way. There was just no way they could get it done...they needed help.

Now, I will remind you that because of our weekend work schedule, we are always down an analyst on Fridays. Justin was home enjoying his three-day weekend while Tarp and I were drowning under our own landslide of work when they called. Usually we would have said there was just no way, but in the 15 months since the take over they have NEVER called in help. Must be bad. I get in the car and start the three hour round trip journey to give them the "two to three hours that would make all the difference!".

I get there and things seem busy, but okay. I am pouring up plates like crazy, thinking I am TOATLLY making things SO much better for them...then they pull out the biscuit project. I wont bore you with the details, but I will say that weighing out a specific amount of dough (dough that you cannot touch with your hands so you have to pull apart within a bag) sucks even more to brake apart and dilute this dough in a bag of water...and it sucks most of all to then realize there are 230 biscuits! It took between five and ten minutes for each one...doesn't sound to bad? Do the math. Two to three hours my ass. So, here is my letter to the other microbiology lab...

Dear other Micro Lab,

Buy some freaking chairs! What you sit in, that is not a chair. That is a stool. An old-school wooden stool that sucks. A chair is something with a back. If you think your stools are fine then please never come to our lab and see our extra cushioned, high back, adjustable rolling chairs. You will die of envy. Secondly, get a radio. Why in the hell would you work in complete silence. I could literally hear every second tick away until sweet freedom. And thirdly...and this is just a suggestion...don't ask for help to drive an hour and a half, then have the three full time employees out and about (home sick, then coming in looking fine, running errands, playing in a double header softball game..)while I sit on the stool from hell pulling on biscuit dough. It might not go over well...

Thanks for never telling me you had it under control and I could go,

***For the record, they were BUSY. They needed all three of them, plus help. It is just frustrating to drop everything to help, then see them doing other things. We would have canceled our personal plans if it was in our lab. No question. I helped as much as I could, but after six hours I really had to head home. I am sure they are there weighing out biscuit dough now...***


  1. Maybe your lab could get them some chairs for Christmas! The note could read, "Don't call me, I'll call you." What do ya think?