Thursday, May 31, 2007


I bet you all are really surprised to see me posting today, right??? Me too. My surgery was originally scheduled for 9:30. I was so ready to just wake up, go get this over with, and be back in my bed by the afternoon. No such luck. The office called twice yesterday to push back my time. They finally settled on...ONE PM! This being said, I am lucky to still be having the surgery at all. Two of the five doc's in my office had to suddenly take personal leave and my doc is covering both of their patients. They said they knew it was VERY important to keep me on the schedule...kind of implying that if it wasn't, I would have been bumped in a heart beat. Now, let me remind you that I haven't eaten anything since one thirty this morning. I. AM. STARVING...and it is only 10:15. I wont get to eat until this evening. Just kill me now.

Anyway, instead of sitting around watching the seconds tick by until I get some food in my stomach (oh, and the thirst! What would I give for a sip of water...or coffee..or TEA!) I thought I could jump on here and post. I am so excited to tell everyone that there is a new blogger in my family! (yes, that makes five of us now). My sister Boo has decided to jump on the blogging ban waggon and you all should all take a look at her site over at Optimistically Waiting. She is a funny, funny girl. If you like me, you will like her!

On a totally random note, we had a work cookout yesterday. It was awesome. Okay, it was totally a normal cookout, but it was for work appreciation, so we just kind of hung out all day and ate a ton of food. Tarp pointed out that it was very similar to Field Day in school, which was so true. Not a real day of, no. This is Field Day. Just do whatever you want! Oh course, there were no three legged races or anything. More just sitting around talking, and basically making ourselves sick on all the food....come to think of it, maybe my body doesn't really need any food today anyway....I am pretty sure I took in enough yesterday!

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