Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I am kind of a freak about socks. I hate them. Not just some little dislike...no, no. A deep down loathing. The actual problem stems from washing, sorting and folding socks. Something must have happened to me when I was young which scarred me. I just want to cry when I see a basket of dozens of different socks, all inside out, all different shapes and sizes...makes my skin crawl.

Anyways, several years ago I had this genius idea (was this really my idea, or did I steal it...can't remember...oh well, I think I will claim it as my own). I realized how much easier life would be if I only had one sock. That's right folks. I tossed out all of my mismatched annoying socks for my new single sock. No more matching because every sock I owned matched every other sock I owned!

There was, of course, the one catch. Picking out the perfect sock. It took a lot of searching, but I finally found it. Not to thick, not to thin. Elastic didn't cut into my legs and make me itch. Ribs not to wide, not to thin, all the way down to the toe. Tall enough to be worn straight up, but also able to be pushed down and not look like a scrunchy sock. Looks okay inside out...this might seem like a strange one, but with my hatred of turning the sock right side in, it was a necessity....anyways, I found the golden (coincidentally Gold Toe) sock. I stocked up. No joke, I have not bought a white sock in like three years. So imagine my heart ache to go sock shopping (because I am down to six pairs...and that is really annoying) and MY SOCK IS GONE! That's right folks. I have been everywhere. Apparently the evil masterminds behind Gold Toe were on to my plan and took it off the market! They knew I would have to start and entire new sock wardrobe...Just kill me. I now must start the quest again...then throw out my perfect old socks...can't have them mucking up the system....*sigh*


  1. I also use the same kind of sock so I don't have to sort them! Did I get that from you or vice versa?

    I like the half footie socks from Journey's in the mall. They stay really bright white, which is important.

    Also-I have rediscovered the fabulousness of bleach in the white load. It really brightens things. Imagine that. Bleach brightening;)

  2. This is one place where we part ways, Sarah. (Yeah, I'm surprised too!) I LOVE organizing socks. I love to see them in my drawer, all different colors and patterns, neatly folded together. What a satisfying sight. Sigh.

  3. Try ebay! never fails to find anything there!

  4. yes...i need to look online! I bet ebay will have them!

    Mrs. Who-I am as shocked as you are that we differ on any opinion....but I did know of your love of socks! I do have a couple of pair of black socks with a pattern that I do enjoy...

  5. I am totally depressed because I too wear the perfect Gold Toe sock and to know that it is no more is more than I can take! What will my poor feet do!! No sock is comparable! My life is ruined!!!