Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not Luck...Skill

Nick is so incredible lucky. Seriously. He says that he isn't, but I swear to God this kid wins everything...except the lottery...we haven't been able to pull that off yet. Anyway, yesterday was the yearly employee appreciation day at the University where he works. They had raffles and booths and what not set up all around the student center. One of the booths was to design a dorm building. You had a 28 million dollar (come on now) budget and you had to choose the dorms location, structure, amenities...all that jazz. The trick was all prices were blacked out. You just had to design what you wanted, then find out the price once you hit submit.

Now....this is a situation where my husband was born to shine. This is not as much his luck, but rather a very odd talent. He seriously can estimate and calculate in his head like nobody you have ever met. Ever. His friend had already went earlier in the day. He was four million off. Nick sits down and starts making his selections. Stone will look nicer...but then it will take away from having the media center...hmm...anyways, two minutes later he hits enter on his new dorm building and the computer spits out how far he was off dollars! That's right folks. He spent EXACTLY $28,000,000.00. His name shoots up on a big projector screen on the wall. He just looks over at his four million dollar over friend and says..."and that's how it's done!". AMAZING.

Anyways, the exciting end to the story is that he won a free ipod! how cool is that? Okay, so we both already have ipods, but it is still a totally rockin' prize for an imaginary dorm building. Between his luck and his skill, I gotta say I married well!

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  1. WooHoo! GOOOO Nick!
    Wow, that's pretty amazing, guessing it correctly. He sure is a genius!
    Good choice you made there, I agree! :)