Saturday, May 26, 2007


It’s official. I am lazy. No, no…don’t try to disagree with me here (What?? You have always known I am lazy?? Shut up). I now have documentation of this laziness. My work is doing this lifestyle wellness program. Basically, everyone was able to take this pledge to commit to better wellness. We then filled out a questionnaire about our lifestyles and it told you ways to improve and…you know…how to be healthier. Eat more vegetables, stop drinking…that kind of thing. For doing this, we received a nice fifty-dollar bill. Awesome. The long term benefit is that our health insurance costs will go down….and I guess we will all be healthier and happier people.

Anyway, to the documentation of being lazy. The fifty dollars was for completing the first two steps of the program. We are now moving into steps three and four. Gotta make annual physical appointments…no problem. Then step four. We actually have to DO something…something that MAKES us healthier. No more sitting out the computer filling things out or making a phone call to the doc. So…we decided to take the 10,000-step challenge. Basically you have to attempt to take 10,000 steps every day. It’s five miles. Everyday. They gave everyone pedometers and what not and we are tracking our steps for twelve weeks.

Now, I figure I must walk around as much as anybody. I feel like I am constantly running and doing…so I feel confident this wont be a problem. We are all supposed to wear the pedometer for three days and act totally normal...getting our base line of steps. As soon as we put them on I am pumped. Totally thinking we should turn this into a competition. I mean, who SERIOUSLY thinks they can keep up with me?!?! I have a big plan to graph everyone’s progress (never have I denied being a HUGE nerd) kinda for motivation…kinda to show off how much I rock at walking around.

An hour into the competition I look down and I have taken like 12 steps…Tarp has taken like 500. Seriously. Fluke? Not really. Every time we look down he is CRUSHING me…at the end of the first day I have 6,500 steps and Tarp has 13,000! Double! As a matter of fact, everyone is crushing me! Then I take notice. Look at everyone up and moving…look at me sitting asking them to get me stuff. Someone walking by the break room, I yell, "will you grab me a pop?" Why don’t I walk my lazy ass in there and get it myself?!?! Hmmm. Then I find out that when everyone ELSE goes home they, you know...move around. They do NOT lie on the couch and watch hours of TV. Yep…there they all go, busy little bees. Here I sit, the lazy slug. Now that my three days of base-line are done, I am going to have to make some changes!


  1. LOL! Don't worry, I bet your not the only couch potato at work! Must be the meters that gets them running :)Personaly, I like vegging about after work. Afterall, when else will you get to relax! :)

  2. Also, you've been tagged! :)