Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I have very thick hair. It would fall under the category of frizzy if I let it. I have that natural body that could never truly be defined as curly...rather just wavy. Honestly, it is good hair. It works with me, I work with it. I can usually find a way to make it look nice, work with it and it is curly, work with it and it is get the point. So where is the problem? That would be when some element gets in the way and totally screws up my entire system.

Rain can do this. I know it can destroy most peoples hair. For mine, humidity is also an arch nemesis. I begin to grow a large mushroom head in any type of humid weather. awesome. Now...the point of the post (here it is) is to tell you that I have come across a new arch nemesis. that's right. people! After 27 years I have found one lurking in the brush. wind. Not just any wind, mind you, but wind from an ordinary house fan. Sounds harmless, right? WRONG.

Yesterday I got up, took a shower and then carefully straightened my hair. I get to work and there seems to be this fan on the ground that is pointing straight at the back of my head. No problem, I move it away. Mysteriously it is moved back...pointing right at me. I move it away again. I fight the fan all day. It really is just annoying me because it is blowing all my hair into my face. I don't really think much of it's affect....that is until I mention this annoyance to Tarp at the end of the day. What does he say?? "I KNOW!! I was going to mention you hair earlier but decided not to(HORROR!) have TOTAL eighty's glam going on!!!"...What the hell! Seriously. Eighty's glam. EIGHTY'S GLAM!!! See as how the eighty's were twenty years ago, I am really thinking this is a problem. I will be moving the stupid fan tot the other side of the lab first thing this morning.


  1. OK, I admit it. I had to do some Google research on eighties glam. I am so clueless. So, did you have the eighties bangs? 'Cause that would be really so sad.

  2. Okay, it's official. Both your aunts are hopeless, clueless and old. I had to Google eighties glam hair too. I SO remember that puffy bouffant looking trend with fat hair, bangs and too much make-up. At least I remembered it after I Googled it. I didn't much like it. Move the fan.

  3. you two are so funny! I did not have the bangs or anything, just some SERIOUS hight and a nice flip in the back

  4. OH, the 80's.... what can i say?

  5. As you all(should) know I still LOVE the 80's hair. I love big hair...what can I say.

    I bet you looked very cute!