Monday, May 14, 2007

What a Mother's Day...

So yesterday was Mother's Day. I was really hoping it might work out to just end up pregnant, then I could announce it at mothers day and that would be such an easy luck there, so I went with good old normal presents. My aunt from the Left Coast flew in to be with my Nana (and of course all of us, because we rock) so that was really amazing. We have such a wonderful family, it's always great to have as many of us there as possible.

Anyway, Missy was working, but Boo, Nick and I had this perfect meal planned. We were so on the ball. Up at nine and right to work (after McD's breakfast...mmmm). We knew we were getting a late start, and really should have done this all Saturday, but we had a wedding. A wedding that I have many pictures from and will do a post about later in the week....back to the point. We go to Meijers to get all the food. It takes us a while, but we are still okay. We walk out to the car to put the food in and rush home to start creating our feast...and Nick points out a clearly flat tire. Damn it. Time to get out the spare...this is such a waste of spare. Damn it!

So, we end up calling Liz, who even though she is having her own mother over soon and is busy cleaning and getting ready, jumps in her car and runs over to get us (thanks!!). We get Old Blue, then head back to Meijers to work out the car problem. We end up getting the car towed, and spending an ungodly amount of time at the tire place. We also had to return all the wonderful meal fixings we bought...because there was clearly no time for any of that now, and buy all pre-made food. What a lame meal for our perfect mother!

We basically left straight from the tire place to my parents house about an hour away. We were dirty and not really cute at all, with our store bought food...oh the shame. We did come with rather great presents, and it all actually turned out to be a really nice night. So....Happy Mothers Day mom! I love you so much! I wish we could have made you all of your favorite foods, but you are always so easy I know you would never complain. Your the best mom ever!

***I actually wrote this post this morning, but just didn't get it all the way finished. I thought I was going to have a really easy month with my endo. Some pain, but nothing that knocked me on my back...until today. My hands are actually shaking a little because it hurts so bad. I am on the most pain meds I can take, and it is still killing me. I finally left work, knowing it wasn't getting any better and all I could do was rest. Anyways, just thought I would get this up before I eat my french fries and pass out...***

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  1. *feeling warm and fuzzy inside*
    I'm sure your mother had a great day! :)