Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, believe it or not my surgery is tomorrow morning. I feel like the last two weeks have just flown by. Last night Nick looked over at me and said *in your very best horror movie voice*, "One more day before they are going to be Slicing and Dicing!" Then he proceeded to tickle me until I just nearly went mad and punched him in the face...awww.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about tomorrow. I am really excited at the prospect of feeling better. It is hard to imagine my life without my underlying pain, and especially without the feeling of the crash-and-burn at the time of my period. I am excited that this is honestly the first true step in Nick and I working on a family. It is something we are both so ready for, and this surgery might actually make it possible.

On the other hand...I am terrified. I HATE the idea of surgery. Just the thought of allowing someone to put me into such a deep sleep that I totally can't feel them plunging a sharp blade into my stomach know...scary. I am afraid of losing the ovary...I am afraid of what the doctor could say when he comes out. I guess these are normal fear. I know they are. I guess you know it is time for a surgery when the good outweigh the bad. At this point, there is no question that I need it, or that it is time. So....I guess, here I go.


  1. I will keep you in my thoughts! :)
    It's going to be so great once it's over, you'll see :)try to think about that instead :)

  2. You'll be in my thoughts constantly. Love you honey. All will be well, I'm sure of it!!


  3. Carebears and rainbows

    We love you very much


  4. You are going to be fine. And you will be giving Wesley a playmate before we know it!!! I'm bringing dinner to you on Saturday night - I'll call and work out the best time. Love you, special girl.

    Aunt Jan

  5. It is scary but it is going to be soooo worth it on every level!! I love you and I hope you're feeling 100% soon! I almost said "back to your old self soon" but really I hope you feel way better!! XXXO!!