Monday, May 28, 2007

A Run In with the Police

So Saturday night I come home from dinner out with the girls. It is around midnight, so I am thinking I am in for the night. I then realize that Nick has not had dinner yet. What is he thinking? I guess he had just decided to go without food. Amazing. Anyways, I realize the no dinner deal and say I will run up to Taco Bell and grab him something. No big deal. It is like, right down the street. I already have on my sleeping pants and what not, but it isn't like I am getting out of the car.

I make it to Taco big problems. Then, I head for home. I am listening to the radio, trying to decided where we might want to do brunch on Sunday with Nick's know how it is when it is really late and you are the only person on the road. The radio is talking about drunk driving and drunk boating...cracking down this holiday weekend. I am amused with the idea of drunk boating...then it happens. I notice that a stop sign seems to be flying right past me. Shit. I stop at that stupid sign in the hell did I miss that?? Oh well....what are ya gonna do?

Then I see the lights. SHIT. My mind goes to my two drinks like four hours earlier. I know I am fine, but am I breathalyzer fine?? The officer comes up to the car. I am pretty sure he thought he had nailed a drunk for sure. I am also VERY sure he was a little taken aback by my sleeping pants and Taco Bell. I didn't have to find out if I would pass a breathalyzer because he must have quickly decided I was not drunk, just that I was an idiot.

He starts questioning me. Honestly being a real ass. I have no problems with cops. I usually think they get a raw deal. Not this guy. He was just hateful. He wrote me up for EVERYTHING he could think of. The Buick has a dealer tag on it, and he says (in a snotty, I am more powerful than you voice)"I am giving you a ticket for illegal use of a dealer tag. They are for business use only...and CLEARLY a Taco Bell run at 12:30 is personal." Screw you buddy. Of course I didn't have my registration...or my insurance card. Two more write ups. I am thinking I can get everything but the stop sign dropped.

I just don't get why they write you up for things they know you are going to get dropped? He told me he could tell on his computer that I had car insurance...then why the ticket, hua? I guess things could have been worse...could have spent the holiday weekend in jail...yep...that would be WAY worse.


  1. 1. About your other post - I would have, like, about 10 steps logged all day. I'm right there with ya.

    2. About this post - put your insurance card and registration information in an envelope in your glove compartment. After years of the frantic search for them every time we had to pay the for our license tag, we do this right after we pay it each year. It works for us.

  2. Sounds like a great idea...I used to keep it in my glove box, but we change cars so much that I now keep it in my purse...the problem was that I was just running up the street, so I just grabbed my wristlet...I am a fool.