Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just a Little Crazy

So, I was really wanting to post today about something that did not involve my endo or my mutating ovary or anything...basically because those topics are just a little depressing to me right now. I was really excited for you all to see my pictures from the wedding I went to this weekend. After several glasses of wine I thought it would be a really great idea to take pictures of everyone zoomed in to their face...they rock. Sadly, when I got home to get the pictures up on my lunch, I realized that the cord that runs to my camera is totally MIA. I need to wait for Nick to come home tonight to find out where he has hid it...maybe you all can see my awesome face pictures tomorrow!

Today I can tell you about how I went just a little crazy yesterday. I made a McDonald's run for breakfast. I was getting some food, plus some iced coffee's for people at work. have you all had the vanilla iced coffee???WONDERFUL. Anyways, I am on the phone with Charing, so I will say that I was not paying REALLY close attention to things. I did take a look at my order on the red screen...took note of my $12 total. Seemed about right. Pulled up to the first window, handed my card, pulled up to the second window and waited patiently for my food.

So, The girl reaches out to hand me a hot coffee. I pull my phone down and say, "No, I had two iced coffee's"...and then it happened. She ROLLED HER EYES AT ME! What the hell? What would make her think that was okay? It wasn't my fault she had the wrong thing. She walks away, then comes back with a HUGE attitude and says "You owe us eight dollars!!"

I lose it. I get off the phone with Charing and I start yelling. Now, let me say that this is really not like me, but I have had a really rough couple of days. I was on the verge of yelling at someone and the eye roll/attitude girl won the prize. I start telling her that she is crazy if she thinks I am giving her any more money, that I already gave her $12 and what kind of breakfast costs $ why in the hell would I give her eight dollars for two cups of coffee that are only $2 each?!?! I am really rolling. Kind of causing a scene. I decide to put the final nail into the coffin of my argument when I say "And I HAVE my receipt right HERE!!" Freeze. Before I started yelling had I actually looked at my receipt? Nope. I know...kind of assumed (yes dad, I know what happens when you assume) that they had actually charged me what was on the red board. wrong. Funny thing was...they had only charged me...four dollars. and four plus eight is...yep...twelve. damn.

So, of course, I immediately start saying how sorry I am and that I was just confused...had no idea they had originally charged me wrong, I just thought they were asking for MORE money...bla bla bla. Then the girl just says, "whatever". I am totally pissed again. HELLO. It was not all MY bad here. I mean, why did she screw up my ticket in the first place? and why did she not TELL me they charged me wrong instead of just asking for more money? And why, oh why did she roll her eyes at me? Anyways, no apology came out of her mouth. The way I see it, I was the bigger person here...except at that part where I went crazy...that was my bad...


  1. Eating or ordering at McDonald's is always interesting. Enjoyed reading your blog.

    Andrew in Alabama
    The 4th Avenue Blues

  2. I would totally FLIP OUT if something like that would have happened to me! You definitely were the bigger person. I would've gone strait to management to discuss the employees attitude problem.