Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Self Evaluation

I just got in from work. I have been working on my self evaluation because our yearly reviews are tomorrow. Is it wrong to put that you are the best thing that has ever happened to a company and that they would crumble without you? Does that sound a little conceded? Thought so. I avoided it. How about one of my goals for next year being "make WAY more money" obvious? I thought so too.

Seriously, how in the hell are you suppose to fill these out. I mean, like I am going to put under punctuality that I totally suck and I am always 10 minutes late and I have tried to stop, but I just can't. Sounds great, right? Very porfessional. It is just a little game of me trying to say how great I am without wanting to sound like I am just saying how great I am...which, OBVIOUSLY I am totally the at least I don't have to lie about that.

On a different note, looks like everyone will have to wait a little while to see how the whole bike riding thing works out for me. Nick said he really wants me to wait until a weekend to give it a go, and I don't work a weekend for three weeks. I know you all are heart broken. Apparently the GM was as worried about me as everyone else. I asked her if I might be able to use the company car. I told her that I could always just ride my bike, so it wasn't a big deal if I couldn't take it. She looked at me a little shocked, shook her head really slow and said, "It is going to be raining! Just take the pathfinder until you get it worked out!" Awesome, right? So now I am tooling around (that's right) in the company car. Way cooler than old blue...and way safer than the bike!

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