Monday, April 30, 2007


Today was my first day to drive Old Blue. This morning Nick and I got up, I took him to work, then headed into the lab. Nothing big problems. So imagine my surprise when I leave work in the middle of the day to run to the bank and home to marinate some chicken (damn, it is great to live so close to work) and I realize there is a BIG problem.

I head to the bank and get in line. The entire time I am thinking, "DAMN, it is REALLY hot in here..." I give the car some time. Surely the AC is fine. I didn't notice a problem this morning, right?? Well, there is a problem now. By the time I get to my house I am dripping in sweat. My gray t-shirt (oh, Lord why do I have grey on?) is soaked. I am sticking to the is. terrible. I had left the windows up in a full faith effort to wait on the AC, but there was no luck. On the way back to the lab I kept the car pumping out air, but caved and rolled down the window to get a little circulation to at least dry up some of the sweat before I walked in.

When I left work for home later in the day I first took Tarp to his house before picking up Nick. We both get into the roasting car...okay, it wasn't as bad. This was the end of the down, but it was still hot. I tell him I am so sorry, it wasn't like this on the way in to work. He tells me that his car does this sometimes. When it gets really hot it just can't keep up. I drop him off and the rest of the way to get Nick I am really working up the poor pitiful me thing. I mean, this is the first hot day and I am MELTING. It really isn't lady like to have pit my entire body is so sticky...this just SUCKS.

Nick gets in the car and I am totally thinking he is going to feel so bad. I start telling him, oh god the heat...I don't know how I can do AC! He looks at me and I am totally expecting an "oh, baby this does suck. lets go and get you a brand new car right now!" or at least a "let me make dinner and rub your feet to make up for it" but instead....INSTEAD I get "It might work better if you didn't have the heat on."....oh....right. Now I remember. The AC was working so well after I dropped Nick off this morning, I slid the temp over to heat know...i was really cold...yep, yep I had goose's all coming back to me now. AC button was still pushed in, so it looked on to me...Now...that really is embarrassing.


  1. TOTALLY sounds like something I would do. I love your idea of riding your bike to work!! Gives us so many, many opportunities to ridicule you.

  2. I'm sorry, but that is a really good story. LOL Give it some time. You will laugh about it.

  3. HILLARIOUS! You and Tarp cruising down the highway ... with the heat on! xoxo dad

  4. Baby, You ARE like MEEEE.


    and Honey, you be careful on that bike! :)