Monday, April 2, 2007


I have decided that I am a total sucker. I can get completely taken in to thinking I need (NEED) something just by walking by and seeing a nice display. The TV also gets me, but that is another story.

I was at the mall this weekend. I swear to God every store that I went in made me believe that I HAD to get all new clothes. Nothing I owned was nearly good enough....I just kept telling myself "Look at all of these wonderful new and different things! Yes, that looks nearly the same as my j.crew top from last year, but looooook at all the new colors! It is just a little longer...they have finally made it perfect!!" I pull myself away from that store only to walk into some stupid store like Cosmic Colors and I am still talking myself into stuff..."I could TOTALLY use some new screen printed cool is it that I can put ANYTHING on them...oh the possibilities!"

Luckily I pulled myself away from the mall with no new purchases. I was there to help Boo with some returns and entertain Carter. Job done, no need to spend any money (except that money for Nick's b-day...but obviously that doesn't count).

I am thinking I have this sucker thing under control...then I stop by Kroger on my way home from work today. Yep...there in all of it's glory was the Easter candy. My mind starts going again "it is only out once a would be WRONG not to buy something...just a little candy..." So I walk out of the store with one bag of Wonka chocolate eggs, one bag of Sweat Tart Bunnies (these are for I will share), One 4 pack of Cadbury Egg's...and then one tub of butter creme I can dip gram crackers in it...or maybe just my spoon (this is a bad habit from my dad...not my is clearly in my gene's). Nick better get home soon before I double in size!


  1. Mmmmmmm...butter cream frosting.

  2. I think Spring gives people shopping fever...I've got it bad too! I need all new shoes, tanks, capris, EVERYTHING! It hurts!