Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Nick and I were out this evening after work driving through neighborhoods looking for field stone that we need for the addition. We were leaving a neighborhood that is attached to a VERY busy main road. The speed limit is 55 I was on the outskirts of town so traffic really flies down through this area. Nick pulled right up to the road and stopped right as a UPS truck flew past. He says "Man, that UPS truck almost killed us". It was a strange thing to say honestly. He stopped in plenty of time, and the truck was in the far left lane of traffic. It was just something about that truck that had grabbed his attention. The statement was barely out of his mouth when the car pulling out of the driveway directly next to us was completely totaled by the truck. How scary is that?

We of course stopped, as did about a dozen other cars. This is a main road so lots of people saw what happened. I immediately got out my phone to call 911. The two people in the truck were both conscious but clearly injured. It is amazing they were not much, much worse. Their truck actually came up off the road and then slammed back down. The entire thing was very overwhelming to see.

Now we have been home for a couple of hours and I just keep thinking of it. Not really so much about "wow, it could have been us"...I never felt that we were almost hit. I really am thinking more about what Nick said right before it happened... that he just seemed to know that truck was about to hit someone. It wasn't us...but the people were RIGHT beside us. Moments like this always amaze and frighten me. The idea that people just FEEL something is going to happen, the possibility of a sixth sense, even deja vu. It really makes you did he know? Was it just a coincidence? Maybe. The one thing I know for sure is that I am sure glad Nick was the one with the feeling of danger...rather than the one that pulled on out.


  1. I "HATE" those "feelings".

    As you know I do get them. I'm so glad that you and Nick are safe.


  2. Yeah, those "feelings" run in the women in our family. I've had them too. Glad you all are OK. So glad.