Thursday, April 5, 2007

Carnation Breakfast Bars

I mentioned back a while ago that Nick has been wanting me to make him Carnation Breakfast Bars for years....I meant to do it for Valentines day (Hell, I have MEANT to do it for every holiday since he asked....) but today I finally have done it! Since he was gone for his birthday, and he comes home tonight (YEA!!!) I thought I would finally get the little project done.

Oh. My. God. Never again people, NEVER AGAIN!!! First off I had to go to the Wild Oats store to get some of the ingredients because normal stores don't even sell things like toasted rolled oats....annoying. I get everything home last night, scan the recipe, decide it is simple and push it off until today.

Get home from work, look around the house and think "damn...must clean before Nick gets home or he will definitely think I am worthless..." then I get to work on the bars. (what's that?? Spring cleaning was on my list of things to do...shut up. You should know me well enough to know things like that creep onto my lists just to make me feel better...) I start with a cup of my toasted, got it. Then I move on to my Spanish peanuts. I notice that it says "one cup of peeled, crushed Spanish peanuts". I look over at my bag...non-peeled whole Spanish peanuts. Damn. How hard can it be, right?

I pick up a peanut, it slides out of its shell, I think "EASY" and toss it in the cup. About 156,238,219 peanuts later I am hating this. I look in the food processor...looks like a cup to me! Hit grind....peanuts turn to sticky powder and now equal the equivalent of a tablespoon. Awesome. Keep peeling. Make mental note that dogs don't actually eat everything that falls on the floor...and when you step on peanuts they turn to dust (dust=dirt when on floor) and create a HUGE mess in your kitchen...the kitchen you need to have clean before Nick gets home!

Finally I get them made. They look fine. They look like breakfast bars. I am not sure if I hope he loves them and thinks I am the best wife ever, or if I hope he hates them and thinks "aww, baby, good try, but please never make these again"...damn Spanish peanuts.

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  1. Yummy....

    I'm sure that Nick will love them!