Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend

After my last post on Friday I decided to lay down and take a nap...a four hour nap...and I had only woken up about an hour earlier in the first place... I have never felt quite as lazy in my life. Anyways, I woke up to something a little surprising. I knew it was cold, I mean I had even gone to all the trouble of covering some of our plants in plastic because it was suppose to freeze...but come on now!

look at how cold Fanny the Flamingo looks...poor thing

This is ridiculous...It is April people!! Look at all this snow. Clearly I thought is was amazing since I took the time to take pictures and everything...I am pretty lazy (if you doubt me look up at the nap time again) so this is saying a lot!

Saturday Boo and I took my cousin Natalia to an Easter Egg hunt with Charing and her family. Needless to say it was a no VERY cold, but she still had a really great time! That night we had a small gathering for Nick's birthday over at Boo's house. Nothing to big, just picked up some dinner and hung out and played with one of his new video games. It really bothers me that he was gone for his real birthday because even though we got together, it feels like we totally missed it. Oh well...I guess I will just have to make it great next year!

Yesterday we had brunch with my family over at Boo's (man, seems like she does a lot at her house...) and that was great. My parents and my Nana were there. Natalia had her Easter basket and she LOVED IT! That afternoon Nick and I headed over to Nick's dad's for dinner. After the delicious feast of Sonic for Easter dinner (It really was good...but funny for Easter dinner...) we stood on the back porch and shot the BB gun at a can. Could we get any more country that shooting off the back porch? Maybe not. (Amazingly I was the first to actually hit the can! Yea for me!!) So...I basically had a random weekend...therefore you all get this very random post. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!

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