Monday, April 23, 2007

Allergies Attack

A little earlier in the year...back when it got crazy warm right before the freak snow...I decided I no longer have spring allergies. They had totally disappeared! How lucky was I?!? Come to think of it I am pretty sure that I might think that at the beginning of every April. So far so good...must be CURED!!!!

Just go ahead and put me out of my misery now. My nose will. not. stop. Seriously. How do I sleep or even expect any skin to ever regrow on my nose if I cannot seem to take the tissue away? Oh, and my throat! The pain with each swallow. And yet...I cannot stop swallowing. Swallow..ouch..swallow..OUCH! Awesome. The ears ringing, the eyes itching...The fact that the many medications I am taking seem to do NOTHING. I guess NOW spring is actually here.


  1. I FEEL your pain. Literally. Try Aspergum for the throat. And tough it out. Summer is almost here.

  2. Don't forget the "magic" ...FLONASE