Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who Knew?

Last night my sister Boo had a huge thirtieth Birthday bash for her husband Chris. I will have an entire post with pictures up on the ZPO website in the next few days, but I will tell you all now that the party was AMAZING! Boo seriously transformed the clubhouse into the best looking party I may have ever seen. There was a ton of food and a ton of was great...maybe a little to great.

I have a TERRIBLE headache today. There is no way to deny it...this headache is a direct effect from my high level of beer consumption last night. In my own defence (not that I really need a defence, but you know...) this was a SERIOUSLY long party. We started drinking at 5:30 or so....and didn't stop until we were basically kicked out of the club house a little after one. I constantly had a beer, but by no means did I feel I was tossing them back like crazy and getting crazy drunk...maybe this is why the headache is now coming as such a surprise....

But anyways, this morning when I woke up I had the THUMP THUMP THUMP in my temples that let me know I had indeed consumed to much last night so I stumble to the kitchen to fire up the trusty coffee coffee is gone. (I was at Kroger two times yesterday but somehow this necessity never popped into my head...) So I throw on some clothes and fly out the door. I have to work and I am hoping to catch McDonalds breakfast. It is 10:45, so I am thinking I might have to settle for a cheeseburger, but my body is telling me that it NEEEEEDS a sausage egg and cheese biscuit. I wait patiently in the line (thump thump thump goes my temples...)and when I get to the speaker it is like 10:55. I am crushed. I give it one shot and ask if they have any breakfast left. The guy tells me...wait for it....THEY SERVE BREAKFAST UNTIL 11AM ON SUNDAYS!!! YEA! Amazing, right? Can't start a day hung over any better than that! It could change the world. So that's it. Just wanted to share my amazing discovery with the Bio Girl faithfuls.

***One more little thing from the one point I walked into the bathroom. I shoot myself a quick once over and notice that ALL of the eye make-up I had one was of ONE EYE. What the hell?!?! How do I go to town rubbing away on one eye while leaving the other perfectly made up? So here I am thinking all was good and in reality you might as well call me cyclops what with the dark outline making it look like my one eye is about three times larger than my naked eye. Awesome.***


  1. Darling grandaughter...I enjoy your blog and keeping up with your various activities.

    Love you, Nana

  2. Ooooooh, a hangover. Whaddya think ya are, a college student? The party was really nice, though. I was especially impressed with how the forks had been arranged first one color, then the next. Impressive.