Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Sight

Tarp, Justin and I decided to go out to lunch today...we have actually been going out to lunch a lot lately what with Tarp being out of a car and everything, but anyways today we decided to take Justin to Ramsey's because he had never sad. Obviously this had to be fixed, so we head off to Ramsey's. We end up with a table in the very back. As we go to sit down we realize that there is a large man sitting at the table right in front of us and there was clearly no way Justin was going to be able to pull up to the table. Bad start to his first trip.

Justin, being one to roll with the punches, he pulls his chair out to the corner of the table, halfway into the isle, and does not complain. We order our food and all that jazz...normal work lunch out (not even CLOSE to as good as our weekly lunch bunch at Charings, but it was good) and then it happens. The bigger man who is sitting right in Justin's way goes to get up. As he stands we notice his butt was out...we are not talking a little flash of the crack here, oh no. We are talking full fledge BUTT! To make it worse, he is SO CLOSE to his BUTT is RIGHT THERE in his face! There was so much butt it was on the curve back down to the legs. No joke. No exaggeration. IT WAS TERRIBLE. Tarp, could not get himself under control...but the butt guy was totally oblivious...maybe he just likes to walk around with his butt hanging out. Not sure Justin will ever be okay with Ramsey's again...shame.

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