Friday, April 6, 2007

He's Back!

Well, as of this morning at 1am Nick is officially home from New York! His flight was delayed an hour, and I was a little worried he would get held up until the morning (our airport actually closes, so I just thought they would say no way) but he did make it home.

Charing, being the best and most easy going person in the world, answered the phone from me at 11:45 last night. I told her I was bored and she had me over to hang out until he got in. She is awesome! Speaking of Charing, I snapped a couple of pictures of Carter while I kept him overnight earlier in the week....does this look like a kid that just might LOVE the park??
Sorry this one is a little blurry....he was moving at the speed of all in all the camera did pretty goodSeriously....LOVED the slide...

Anyways, (got a little off the subject there, but come cute is he??)Nick opened all of his birthday presents from me last night. He was a big fan of the breakfast bars. I didn't even try one...I was muuuuuch more interested in the cookie cake. We were up until nearly 4am, so we slept in late this morning. I did get up and make awesome is it that it worked out to be my Friday off??
Now Nick is taking a nap on the couch. They wore him out for sure! He worked all through the nights. He said he actually saw more deer than people...doesn't sound like a ton of fun, but he says they got lots of work done. I am just happy he is home safe and sound. It just wasn't the same around here without him!


  1. Carter is soooo cute and soooo much FUN! Everyone truly enjoys him.

    It's nice to have Nick home, we all missed him. But I'm sure that no one missed him as much as Ellie.


  2. Oh yes...she went CRAZY when he got in! They missed each other terribly