Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So I get home from work today and am thinking it is about time I start exercising....okay, really Tarp was just talking about going running when her got off and and I realized it might be a good idea to do something besides lay on my couch and eat chocolate all night...but the motivation does not matter, I was going to exercise. I was thinking the perfect way to achieve this was to take a bike ride. I get home and inform Nick of my decision to take a nice ride to build muscle and burn calories and what not and he informs me that if I am just DYING to get some exercise I can help him with the addition. Damn. This is not what I had in mind at all.

So we get to work. I am shoveling all this gravel...then carrying it over and dumping it into a hole where it looks to make no difference what so ever. A clear bottomless pit. Nick was filling this large five gallon painters bucket...I was filling a small flower pot. We seemed to be putting the same amount of effort into it. Something seems wrong with that. I was completely covered in sweat plus this nasty chalk like dust...totally out of breath, downing bottles of water like they were..well..water I guess. It was honestly a little embarrassing.

After about two hours of work we have covered the hole...so that is something. Now that we are done I can say that, number one-I think I reached my goal of getting some exercise, and number two-I am really glad I helped. Nick does so much for this house and I watch him, but I really don't help often. I do my stuff. I cook, I clean, but I know it was better with the two of us. I would like to believe we got twice the work done, but lets be real. We maybe got 1.2 times the work done. I am still thinking he liked the company, and I enjoyed helping...kind of. Now I am heading out the door to get dinner at Red Lobster, because come on, a girl needs a reward for something like this!

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