Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am not usually one to talk about my dreams. I basically feel it is rather pointless. One of my small pet peeves is when a person is telling you a dream, and they get to the climax, and it is like "and THEN George Bush walked in the door and started break dancing!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!?!" I really just want to say, "Well, sure I can. It's a dream! It didn't really happen...anything can happen in a dream!!". But, I don't do this. I always listen because I know sometimes people really need to talk about a dream, because it feels so real to them. So...that's what I am about to do...settle in.

Every now and then I have a very unusual type of dream. It has happened three times in my life, so you know...they are rare. The first time it happened I was about 21 and lived at my parents house. I was asleep in my room in the basement and I randomly woke up in the middle of the night. I lift my head and look over at my dresser/window area and there is a Chinese man standing in my room. He is wearing a very small silver backpack and is looking out my blinds. I look at him, he turns and looks at me....I BOLT out of the room. I take the stairs three at a time, burst into my parents room and start yelling that there is a crazy Chinese man in my room. I am freaking out. My dad goes down, searches everywhere, and finds nobody. They bring up the logical reasoning that had someone actually been there, the dogs would have gone mad...I can't think of a good argument. It was just so real. I do not remember this like it was a dream, foggy half memories, no no...I remember it like it actually happened. I can tell you exactly what he looked like...I REMEMBER it. Another strange thing is that the only time that I actually remember waking is when I first woke and saw him standing there. At no point in my realization of the stranger, my extremely fast departure from the bed, my crazy ranting in my parents room, do I ever remember waking up again...really strange, right?

A few years went by before this ever happened again. Nick and I were living in the house we have now, and we were both sound asleep in our bed. Something wakes me up in the middle of the night and I look up to see...(okay it sounds a little silly)...a large outdoors type man standing over my bed looking at me very confused. He was carrying and Ax...kind of like a lumberjack. Anyway, I look at him, he looks at me and I say (clearly I am getting a little braver now...I did not just run from the room) "WHO ARE YOU?!?!" With this, Nick jumps up and I turn around to look at him. He says, "What's going on? Who are you talking to?" and I look back and there is nobody there. I just turned my head, and then turned it back....nobody. Yet again, this is not remembered like a normal is so real. Plus, I have no memory of waking up the second time...only when I woke to find the lumberjack.

Now, a few more years have passed and I have totally decided these little events really are dreams. There were times I thought they might be ghosts, or aliens or what not, but I figured they would be much more common if I had the Sixth Sense or what have you. Anyway, the other night it kind of happened again. Not the same, but kind of. (clearly this is what sparked the post.) I woke up to an animal in my bed. Something large rooting around. I (of course) am a little freaked. My dog and cat are both small. I roll over and see...okay, now this really does sound dream like...a wild boar in my bed. Seriously. I can't describe how sure I was that it was a wild boar (although there is something to say that is was rather friendly and didn't try to kill me or anything). I jump out of the bed (no need to ask it who it was...) and flip on the light. Ellie is standing there all alone. I am guessing it was her that sparked the dream.

I guess it really is just my mind playing tricks on me....but here is my problem. This last time, although so much easier to get over and even joke about, was distinctly different. There really was something there. Something that had created the illusion in my mind. I am fairly convinced that what I am seeing is not totally a dream, although I am not really awake either. I do not think there was a Chinese man, or a lumberjack or a wild bore in my room..but now I am thinking. Could there have been something there to trigger the entire event? I might be moving back to the whole "I see Ghosts" theory...or maybe I am just a touch of crazy.


  1. intriguing post, i liked it

  2. Very strange but also very compelling. The dreams must mean something as they are so real, but I can't imagine what. Maybe you are psychic and don't yet know it. Maybe you're growing into your abilities. Who knows?

  3. Hey Sarah...I always have very VERY weird dreams. I always look them up to see what they mean on; For you...

    "Backpack (OK obviously they did not have "Chinese man;" I had to go with the next detail :)
    To see or carry a backpack in your dream, represents the decisions and responsibilities that are weighing your down.

    Ax (OK no Lumberjack either)
    To see an ax in your dream, indicates that you are overly controlling. It is symbolic of destruction, hostility, and the frustrations that you are experiencing. Perhaps you "have an ax to grind" with someone.

    To see a boar in your dream, signifies that you need to look inside to find the answers and secrets about yourself and the people around you. The dream may also be a pun to mean " a bore" or something or someone that is "boring". "

    I used to keep a dream journal and it is sooo funny to go back and read your funny.


  4. Aw are so great! I never thought of looking them up!