Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Stupid Pinky...

So I really hurt my hand the day of the yard sale...remember the Yard Sale, like ages ago?? Yea, I was shutting Charing's car door to get out and grab a large bright yellow sign out of some poor person who chose to live on the corner of a busy intersections yard (don't you think all the yard sale signs all summer must drive them crazy?? They would me...anyway) and right as I close the car door I catch my pinky finger. I didn't slam it in the door, rather the door seemed to take it with it on it's way to the slamming process. At first it jammed in, then pulled out in a very unnatural way, from my hand. My eyes filled with tears while I laughed that I was an hurt like hell.

I basically decided to do nothing. I know that there is a chance it is broken what with the tiny bones that reside in the pinky, but what are ya gonna do, right? I always heard not to worry about a broken finger. Here's the problem. As two weeks went by my finger started to hurt more and more. It hurts me hand what I am writing, so that is really annoying. It just seems to shoot random pains down my hand at any given moment. Once it started hurting to hold my cell phone (the horror) and then when it woke me up in the night because I rolled over on it, I decided it was time to go to the doctor!

So...Monday I called and made an appointment. I go in, they ask if there is any chance I could be pregnant...I say there is a chance, so they take some blood. The doc looks at my finger and sends me for some X-rays. And that is big deal, they will call with results for both tests. I was a little surprised they didn't just tell me the results of the pregnancy test right away, but they had to "run" it...right. This was noon on Monday. I call at 4:45 on Monday to be like, "What the hell??" How long does it take to read a pregnancy test (in my experience this takes about 1 minute) and a stupid X-ray of a pinky. I am told they have not gotten either set of results back and will call me tomorrow. HELLO...what if I was dying of pain (okay, I wasn't) with my broken finger? What kind of place says, we will tell you tomorrow?

Tuesday I wait until noon and then I call again. I have to leave a message. The nurse calls back and says, "Hi Sarah, (they never take a stab at the last name) yea, I just wanted to let you know both tests we negative". AND THAT WAS IT. I think she was going to go ahead and hang up. I was totally fine with the pregnancy test (okay, fine in that trying to get pregnant with endo kind of way, but fine) but the stupid pinky...that's all I get? So I say, "Then what does this mean, why is it bothering me so much?" And she says, "Oh, does it still hurt?". Screw you lady. Yea, it hurts just as bad as it did yesterday which brought me into the doctor. She said the doctor said what with me trying to get pregnant there was little they could do for a sprained pinky, but she could call me in some Anaprox or some Lortabs...I sound like a druggie, but I have already got both of those. I guess I can just take some of those then...thanks for all of your very annoying help...I really feel so much better....stupid pinky.

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