Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh Well...

Well, to begin this post, I will tell you all that I am not pregnant. I know you were just dying to know...(esp since I don't talk much about the trying efforts on here and most of you all didn't really know there was a chance). It isn't that I am not wanting to talk about, and please feel free to ask, but I find that when I get lots of people in the loop, then the disappointment hurts a little more when the negative comes up. I was honestly surprised this time. So surprised that Nick and I (and the few people who knew we were taking the test) were all in total agreement, that it was just possibly wrong. I mean, I was only a couple of days late, and I did take the test in the evening, when it CLEARLY says for best results take in the morning. Yep...obviously wrong. Clearly need to retest....then I started. Damn.

We are okay. We will just start over next month and see how it goes. I am just hoping to get pregnant before my Doc says I have to go back on Lupron. That time is now coming up rather fast, and I just HATE what that drug does to me. Anyway, in brighter news, if you haven't heard, Boo is in fact just a little bit pregnant! We are now all waiting until Friday to see if he is holding on...all well wishes are greatly appreciated!

Now...I know you want to know what this is...right?
Maybe this will help...
Last night Nick and I had a blackout during a rather nasty lightning storm. We ended up being out of power for about two hours. two prime TV watching hours, mind you. We did find ways to entertain ourselves. Nick pulled out the trusty head lamp his bother got him for Christmas. I remember thinking, "When in the hell are we EVER going to need THAT?" it turns out, all the freaking time. Nick LOVES the thing. Anyway, here is another great use for it....
We decided Ellie needed her own flashlight so she could get around...she LOVED it.
Only dogs who are truly pure of heart will shine with the inner light...
Okay, we are total nerds, but we were SERIOUSLY amused. I still can't stop laughing when I see it. I mean, come on...look at how cute and ET like she looks...


  1. We Love you!!


    and my grandpuppy is very cute!

  2. Ebony is jealous I think she needs a flashlight of her own as well.

  3. Meg told me she definitely wants her own flashlight now. And it has to hang around her neck so she can keep her paws free. See what you started?

  4. It will happen soon. I am so looking forward to all the babies in the family!! Crossing my fingers for you to get a postive report soon!!!

    Aunt Jan