Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What a Difference

Remember back in February when Tarp went to Costa Rica and I had...well...a small (huge) breakdown? You don't? Well, you can see it in all of its meltdown glory here, here and here . It was terrible. The worst work week of my life. Honestly, one of the worst weeks of any kind ever. I was so very, very, VERY overwhelmed. I even hunted down Tarp and made him help me all the way in Central America. Not a fact, I am proud of, but I am telling you, I was in over my head!

Well, Tarp is now back in Coast Rica. He and Jim are buying a place down there, so they will be there for a week and a half signing the papers and getting everything set up. And you know what...I am FINE! Hooray! So, this time there is no huge audit to get ready for (well, there kind of is, but it doesn't have to be done, like yesterday or anything) and...here is the kicker...I have help! Thank God for Justin. I no longer have to work every day that Tarp is gone. We can now split the two weekends. I now have someone to talk to, who can talk me down if I get overwhelmed. As I have worked the last couple of days I have realized, that even now I would be overwhelmed for this long alone. It just isn't a job for one person...obviously since there are three of us, but still. So very glad this trip is not creating a new meltdown. I don't know if I would have ever let Tarp leave again...would have been a shame too, what with him having that house in Costa Rica and him never allowed to go back. I am sure he thanks God for Justin too!

***As a side note that has nothing to do with this post, I have a million pictures to load on here...of the addition, of the new guest room, of our amazing crop from our garden...but first I must learn how to load pictures onto our new computer. Eventually I will figure it out...and maybe now that I have told you, I will feel the pressure to actually do it, rather than just think about it all the time!***


  1. Yea!! Soooo glad you (or we!) don't have to relive that hell!!

  2. Glad you have help. I never like to hear of my "favorite niece" being overworked!!