Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Heat Wave

My God it is so freakin' hot outside. Crazy, unruly hot. know, this is the perfect time for our AC in our house to give out. Can't imagine a better time really what with the heat index up to 105...awesome. The really funny thing is that Boo and Chris's AC went out on Monday. They got up and realized their house was hot as hell. We, of course, tell them the can come stay with us until they have the problem fixed, so they pack up the two dogs and head our way. The only problem...our house also seems a little warm. Strange...

We did the best we could. They used a fan in their room. Nick eventually gave up on our room and went to the couch for the breeze of the ceiling fan. By Tuesday morning it was very clear. Our AC was also out. I totally blame the heat wave for all of this. Anyway, we had to send Boo and Chris packing. Charing was nice enough to have them over for the night. Nick, Ellie and I made our way over to Liz and Cory's. We had a ton of fun eating Brooklyn Pizza and watching Wesley really warms my heart. Plus, there was the HUGE bonus of Liz offering to help with the new blog template!! This is amazing seeing as how I kind of totally gave up on that little project after the lightning fried my last attempt. I am now totally pumped! Liz, thanks so much for having us and for your help!

I am actually home right now waiting for the AC guy to write up my bill...and my home is once again pleasantly cool. Apparently I needed my coils all rinsed off. According to the AC guy it hadn't been done in about 12 years, leading to total blockage, extremely high pressure, and there for no cool air. Thank God I don't have to buy an entire new AC unit!! Oh, the cool air feels good....


  1. We just have to do everything together!! :)

  2. You needed your coils rinsed off.

    I'm sorry. That just sounds...dirty.

    And you are TOTALLY my clone.

  3. Tish, Tisk, Tisk, regular maintenance on your air conditioner is just as important as maintenance on your car! Remember the total hours your air conditioner runs is usually more than the total hours of your car.

    I guess I'll have to write informational blog on my HVAC tab, but this is the season for our industry. My air conditioner is working great the only problem is it just can keep up with the outside temperature it's way beyond the normal temperature for this time of year.

    So we just run the ceiling fans drink lots cold liquids and try to keep as many the lights and heat generating pieces of equipment turned off in the house as we can.

    It is hotter than *%$#@!!!!