Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Small Decisions

Have you all heard about the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed? If you are people who watch the news or read the paper, I am sure you have seen about it. I am really in shock of how terrible this is. The road these people take everyday, the engineering that they trust their lives to, completely failed them. The pictures of the school bus truly broke my heart. I am sure the entire city is devastated.

Nick's dad is in Minneapolis right now. He is staying in St. Paul and working in Minneapolis, so he is actually crossing that exact bridge twice a day. Every evening they get off work, and drive back over that bridge...except for last night. For the first time in a week one guy in their group thought maybe they should grab dinner in Minneapolis before they head back. Just a random decision, on that has not been made or even discussed any other night. When they walked into the restaurant, right around the time they would have been on the bridge, the news comes on that it had collapsed. How lucky is our family that the one guy though for no reason at all that maybe they should have dinner in the city?

Those kind of life changing small decisions are always amazing. You decide to run into a gas station instead of paying at the pump and you meet your future wife. You change your routine just slightly and your entire plan shifts. It's the Mr. Destiny idea. One decision changes the entire path of your decide to go out to dinner and you are not on a bridge when it collapses. I guess most of the time you don't know when one of these big decisions just occurred, but this time I am really glad Dale went out to dinner...


  1. OhMyGosh-didn't know Dale was there! Gosh we are so lucky he didn't take the bridge!
    Good Post!

  2. Ok, I'm just now catching up with several posts. First, can you believe how little tiny decisions can change your life? It's just too weird. In a good way, this time.

    Second, are you POSITIVE you are not my second daughter? I guess not, since your parents saw you birthed, but God. I have the SAME kind of dreams. I started to write a blog post about them but...seriously, I scared myself. I was afraid if I wrote about it, they would come back. And they seem so INCREDIBLY real. I KNOW I am awake. It must be my brain playing tricks. That's what I tell myself. I can't write any more. It freaks me out.

  3. His guardian angel deserves a promotion.