Thursday, August 16, 2007

Deep Thoughts

I had to drive back to Ohio yesterday and collect the monthly custard samples. All in all the trip took about eleven hours. Eleven hours of nothing but my own mind to keep me company...that and the lengthy phone conversations with Charing, but mostly it was my mind. So, do you want to know all the deep and enlightening things I thought about for eleven hours?

**I'm so glad I bought this ipod car adaptor...I have really great taste in Music.I guess everyone things they have great taste in music...hua. I am sure I actually do though.

**God it has taken me forever to get to the interstate. Who is beeping in on my phone call with Charing?? The lab...maybe I should just ignore it. They can live without me for a day.

**I can't believe I left all the sample bottles in the lab. What a freakin' idiot. Need to turn around. idiot. idiot. idiot....

**My head is killing me. Head ache may be due to rather tight sunglasses (which are so stinking cute). I hate my big head. Why can't I have a nice normal, or even small head. No, no. I am cursed with a big old head that can't seem to cram itself into many hats, and when it does, I have a nice ring around my forehead which shouts "I have a really large head"

**Maybe my large head allows for more brain room therefore explaining my amazing intelligence.

**Maybe I have multiple big head issues...not only physical, but maybe just a little mental as well...nah.

**How odd that someone thought it was a good idea to paint a confederate flag on the roof of their barn...clearly someone in Ohio has faith that the South will rise very disturbing.

**I really think I have mastered this interstate driving thing. Then again...I am alone, so there is nobody to grab on to the handles and tell me I am hugging the wall like Dale Earnheart...maybe I should get over.

**I am starving. Stupid diet is ruining my road trip.

**I am definitely not getting any frozen custard at any of my stops. It totally isn't worth the points.

**I am really glad I got some frozen custard at that store. It clearly would have hurt the managers feelings if I had said no. I am also really glad I got all this hot fudge on it...mmmm. Why didn't she ask me if I wanted a waffle cone? Kind of annoying really.

**I think I will just consider the large coffee custard with hot fudge lunch...then I am not doing to bad.

I wonder if Tarp will let me use his house in Costa Rica...that would be really fun, and basically free. Hmm...but Nick won't want to fly there. I am sure glad I finally looked up where Costa Rica is...maybe we will take a cruise there! Yes, that is perfect. Then again, we wouldn't really need Tarps house really we could take a cruise anywhere!!! Oh...wait...this isn't really free anymore...damn.

**I am freaking starving. I think I might stop and have an early dinner. What a great idea! I could just eat something small and totally stick with my diet.

**I am really glad I decided to eat big for my early dinner. That way I wont be hungry the rest of the night. Genius.

**Hey, I think I can sing! How could I have never known this before. I guess it is because I was always to shy to sing in public. Listen to me! Man, I rock. I should totally practice and then I could get up and sing at Karaoke one day and blow everyone away. I think I will sing "Heartbreak Town"...yes, I seem to be good at it. Perfectly in my new found range. Okay, I will just turn down the radio and see how I do without the Dixie Chicks there to back me up....Oh...Okay, I totally can't sing. Not even a little. I have managed to embarrass myself. How odd. Back to vow of singing silence while in public.

**I am freaking starving. How is all that Arby's doing nothing for me. Maybe I will have second dinner. Seems smart. I mean, I did totally skip lunch. I girls gotta eat, right?


  1. The big head thing runs in the family. I'm sure it's because we are all so smart and our heads are stuffed with brains. I wear the biggest hat most places have and I can't tell you how many times I've tried to put on some darling golf hat and it just perches up there on the the point. No way will it fit. I once put on a hat that was too big and I almost fainted. Those things just never happen to me!!

  2. OH, my God! Your mental ramblings sound just like me. Although maybe everyone rambles in their head like that when they are alone and we just don't know about it. I love to sing in the car but would never make the mistake of trying to sing in public. Too, too humiliating. And the eating part - hilarious. I totally justify things that way too.