Friday, August 24, 2007

I Fought the Law...

That's right know how it ends. The law won. Does anybody else think it is ridiculous that when you do some little bitty illegal thing, the stupid government takes all your money? I mean, sure I was in the wrong when I was pulled over for running a stop sign and then not having my insurance card or registration on me. I totally admit that (although it really did seem like the perfect time for the nice officer to have just given me a warning, but whatever). If you notice the date on the original post, you will see the ticket happened in the end of May...MAY people! I have been dealing with this for a seriously long time.

I went down to the courthouse back in June to show the nice county clerk people that I did indeed have insurance and registration and hoped the entire thing would just go away. I was wrong. The lady totally got this attitude because the car was in my dad's car lots name, and the lady actually shook her finger at me and said, "YOU are just going to have to take THIS before the JUDGE!" What the hell. Like I have time to deal with this crap (and you are all saying, then why in the hell did you run the stop sign?? Trust me, if I noticed it, I would have stopped!) and I head down there on the court date. We get there early, and get the entire thing cleared up before the official court date. Therefore not having to take anything up with any judge. Big score for me. One problem was that I was able to get the insurance and registration dropped, but apparently they don't look kindly on stop sign running. No, they were not letting this one go. They ask if I have been to traffic school in the past year, I think really hard (the lawyer looked disturbed) and came up with my answer. No, it was just over a year ago. (yes, I have a problem) So...I get signed up for traffic school. That is 4 hours of my life I will have to give up come September sad (esp for my mom seeing as how it is her birthday and she will be robbed of her precious middle daughter).

You think my story ends there? Well, I think it should too! Today, for the third time due to this stupid ticket, I had to go down to the court house. You see, I had to pay court fees (in cash no less...who just carries around cash??). Now, this is what really gets me. Why in the hell do I have to pay court fees if my case never saw the inside of a court room? I am all about making the criminals pay or whatever, but isn't the traffic school enough? If you ask me, it is way more than enough. It was LATE and there was nobody coming at the stupid stop sign anyways....but today, nearly three months after the ticket, I had to go downtown on my glorious Friday off and mess with giving all my money away. I definitely had better things to do with my $139 dollars, and better things to do with my time. Unfortunately, I do know when the law has won, and when it is better to just fork over the cash. I will miss my money...and maybe I will watch a little closer for stop signs.


  1. The thing about watching for stop signs next time? Good plan. Next time there might be somebody coming and we sure wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Be careful.


  2. Next time I offer to pick up drive thru for Nick on the way home just say ok.............I remember that night well.
    Right or wrong the law always win...when you don't have fame on your side