Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Sorry it has been a bit since I have posted...my mind is swimming with so many thoughts as of late that I have not really had time to come up with posting ideas. Not great for you, my few faithful blog readers! (please don't go...I promise to do better!) What is my mind swimming with, you ask? Well, at the top of the list is this. My sister and her husband have been wanting a family for so long, and we are all just hoping and praying that this will give them the right answer. If not, then they will be moving right into adoption without missing a beat. They are going to have a family (like the best family EVER!), but we are all holding our breath to see if it will start tomorrow, or if we might have to wait just a little longer for a due date. Along with that, there is still the fact that Nick and I are trying. It is also on my mind a lot these days, what with Boo, and has become a big topic of conversation at our house. I will update you all on that when I have something more than "Gez, I sure do hope we are pregnant" to say.

Besides that, work is crazy. We finally got our personal laptops. That's right people, I have a PERSONAL work laptop.... how completely amazing is that? These people trust me with a high end electronic! I am such a freaking adult I could just die. Anyway, the laptops were all my brainchild of taking the bio lab into, well this millennium (only seven years behind) and getting all of our forms into an electronic format. Nick is helping me write Visual Basic programs, but between then and now, I am converting all of our old word documents into shared files so we can just use that. Just kill me if I begged and pleaded for laptops, then we got them and never used them...now that would be embarrassing.

On top of work and baby-baby-baby thoughts, Nick and I have been working on our DC trip plans. We are so excited about it! I will fill you in on details once I know more, but we are going in October, so it should be really beautiful. On top of this, we of course have the addition going up, which is really going well. Mix all this in with random daily life and you can see how posting has taken a back burner!

So...I promise to do better. I have other things to say, and actually this post wasn't going to be a "lets give a million reasons why I don't post" but rather was going to be about fantasy football...maybe that can wait. Yes...then I can have another post for tomorrow...or maybe the next day. You know...once my mind slows down!

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  1. DC? Tell more! Tom and I have that on our list of places to go when we retire. That list just keeps getting longer and longer. We may have to live to be 100.