Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Little Windy

Well, I guess half the United States was hit with the huge storm last night. The wind seriously awoke me from my sleep and had me running from my bedroom. I was alone in the room. Nick said he just couldn't sleep with this bad of a storm. He was worried about us, and wanted to keep an eye on it until it passed. When I heard the window rattle, I was about 97% sure that it was just about to explode in on my bed. By the time I actually got out of the room and into the living room with Nick, we had already lost power. This is a frightening feeling. You want to check the weather, make sure that there isn't a tornado like, right on top of your house...but you can't. Nick's dad actually got us this little weather radio thing, but we could never get it to work. Last night I really wished we had it running.

About 45 seconds after the worst of the storm, all the sirens started going off. We live near a park, so we can hear the severe weather alerts. It said there were tornado warnings in our area, and to take cover. Warnings. Not watches. People actually saw a tornado...and they tell us after it passes us. It is still bothering me that the sirens went off after the storm passes. That they were too late. I always took some comfort in the fact that we can hear them. What good do they do us 45 seconds after the storm?? Like they are just saying, " were WAS a tornado! Guess we should have told you it was coming..."

So, this morning when I woke up I found trees down all over our street. Half of the street was actually closed. The main road near our house was also closed, so all traffic was rerouted. Schools were out, businesses were closed, tons of people with no power (people like the lovely workers of when people went to get breakfast...not that I eat breakfast out...way to much fat and calories....I always eat oatmeal...but if I did...then I would have been really annoyed with the sign on the speaker that said they had no power and therefore no breakfast...). All in all it has been a crazy day around here! We have had calls all day checking on us. Apparently on the radar the storm looked like it was shining down on our home, know....people were worried. I am happy to report we are a little windblown, but that we are A-okay!


  1. Last night I woke up to the siren but couldn't remember what those mean. Sooo I just went back to sleep. I wasn't that scared last night but LAST week I was taking a bath and the power went out. That completely freaked me out; I just sat screaming (naked) in the bathtub. Poor little Amos was shaking too when the lights came back on. I hate storms! Glad you all were safe!

  2. We were completely oblivious over here. We knew there was some sort of storm coming but we went to bed and slept through everything. Luckily the wind didn't blow the roof off over our sleeping heads.