Friday, February 8, 2008

Obama Fan

I am not a political person. Not even a little bit. I hesitated in writing this post because I wasn't sure if I felt that I knew enough to even being this debate. Then, I decided that I am most likely the average American. For the first 20ish years of my life I followed my parents politics. I was to busy to be bothered with forming my own opinion. I was a Republican by blood. I vaguely knew the difference, but truly didn't care.

Four years ago I faltered. I was not sure where to place my vote. I knew I wanted to vote, but didn't love either of my options. I went with good old George W. I later found out that my dad went with Kerry. Looking back I believe this was when I decided I really wanted to make my own decision. I wanted to know that I put my support behind who I believed in the most.

When I got married I had to register to vote under my new name. The lady at the drivers license place asked me if I was a Republican or a Democrat. I just looked at her. I had no idea. I knew one thing. I sure was a fan of Barack Obama. I saw him give a speech at the Democrat convention, and I was an instant fan. I decided to register as a Democrat. Not because I am a die hard left winger....just because I believed in this one guy. I wanted to do what I could to vote in the primaries to give him a chance.

So now, the more I see of him, the more I love him. He feels like change. He feels like what our nation needs. I am not a Clinton fan. If it comes down to Clinton vs McCain, I very well might vote McCain. For now, I just wish my states primaries were sooner. I wish we were going to actually get a voice in these primaries, which with my states primaries in May will most likely not have any weight in this race. So I am left to watch. Each day seeing what is happeing in the political news. Each evening of a race watching CNN to see where the delegates are falling. Hoping that he wins. My dad called me the other day. He said he wanted to let me know that he was voting for Obama. My parents opinion is very important to me, and their opinions still influence me. At the same time, I felt like an adult to be able to know that I had already made that decision for myself as well.

Here is a video for Obama. You should watch it. You just might like him...even you, mom!

And this will be all for the political Bio-Girl...unless of course he does win. The you will hear from me again in November!

**Also, this entry did have a title change...thanks Mrs. Who for pointing out that Obama Nation and Abomination really do sound the same!!!**


  1. I will definitely be voting for Obama. I agree with his stand on almost all of the issues. You might rethink the title of your post - I thought you were making a play on the word "Abomination" and your post would be against him!

  2. I want to add something else...there is a quiz on the Minnesota Public Radio website and by answering a series of questions about major issues, you can find out which candidates are most closely aligned with your views. You can then learn more about each candidate. It's pretty cool. Just go to the link below and click "US President"

  3. Thank you for stating your views. It is important we all speak about what we believe and what we want for our collective futures. Not many of us feel informed or even entitled to an opinion. I hope that your blog helps change that.