Monday, February 4, 2008

Scratch That

So I went to the doctor today. My actual plan was to give him a call sometime this week about what he thought about us taking another month off of trying for a baby. That was until the pain from my endometriosis just got out of control. Yesterday we went to Nick's dad's house, then over to our friends to watch the Super Bowl...(GO GIANTS!). I still wasn't feeling well, but it was seven days into my cycle and it was time to get back to life. By the end of the game I was miserable. My back ached something awful, and I had these shooting pains in my abdomen. I seriously considered telling Nick to drive me to the ER rather than home. Once I got back to the house and was able to lay on the couch and get into my sleeping pants (I know my aunt Mrs. Who knows the therapeutic nature of sleeping pants) I was a little better. No need for the ER, just some good TV and milk and cookies.

This morning I woke up to terrible pain. I honestly couldn't stand up straight. I took some pain medicine and got into the shower. By the time the shower was done I had made my decision. No work for me today. I called and made an appointment (and of course I cried to the poor receptionist on the phone. I also cried when I talked to work...I am such a cry baby and it drives me crazy...but I CANNOT STOP). I just got back from the doctor and he said there was little he could do for me this month. He said for me to take tomorrow off work as well, to stay in bed, to stay medicated, and that it would pass. He wished he could do more, but the best he could do was a doctors note (which my work really doesn't need) and to ease the pain. It was what I expected to hear. I mean, I know what I have and I know how to treat it. It is just when you feel this bad you just want to TELL somebody.

We then talked about babies. He said that first off, he will personally write a note giving medical reasons if I am to deliver before November. That he will have it well documented that my due date is in November, and that if for some reason I go early, he will handle it. That we are NOT taking a month off of trying. (YEA!!) He then told me that he wants to go to see our fertility specialist. He said that it will be covered on our insurance at first because of the endometriosis, and he just really wants to get that ball rolling. I am not sure what we will be doing with our new doc, but it will be moving forward, so that is good. I go and see him on the 12th, so I will give you all an update them. Just thought you would like to know, we are most definitely not taking this month off...and that now I am going back to bed.


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling bad - but I'm glad that you won't have to wait a month!! I'm just waiting for the good news.

  2. I'm so sorry Sarah! Certainly no fun to feel bad. =\ And I totally understand about needing to tell someone that you feel bad. It seems to help sometimes. As for the baby news! YEA!!!

  3. You are going to be a fabulous mother!

  4. You are going to be a fabulous mother!