Monday, February 25, 2008


What the hell. I have strep throat. Seriously. I have not had strep throat since I had my tonsils removed back in 2001. Now, in my own throats defence, I will mention that I have managed to sort of regrow my tonsils between now and then...but still. We are looking at seven years of no strep, and then's back. I will admit to you, my faithful blog readers, that when my throat started to hurt, the first place my mind went was to, "Sore that a lesser know side effect of PREGNANCY???" Seriously. I've got it bad. Who thinks a terrible sore throat is proof of pregnancy. This fool, that's who.

Saturday my throat was really bothering me, but it just looked red, so I assumed it was drainage (or pregnancy) and went over to Boo and Chris's house for a game night with all of our friends. We had a ton of fun, but once I got home I told Nick and Missy no less than three times that my throat really did hurt. Finally Nick was like, "WE KNOW!!". I just didn't want them to forget....I was in pain. Sunday I woke up and took a look and saw...the classic strep blisters. I got right in the car and went to the urgent treatment center. TWO HOURS LATER I saw a doctor. Apparently the UTC is very popular on a Sunday morning. I left there, came home, and went directly to bed.

It actually worked out well (as well as being sick can work out) that it landed on the weekend, and that I caught it early. It allowed me to sleep all day yesterday and let the medicine start working, so I was able to go into work today. Since I took two vacation days last month for being sick, I am really trying to hold on to the rest. Who wants to waste precious vacation days on stupid strep throat??

**Also, when the doc looked in my throat she was all, "This is really red. I see several white are REALLY inflamed! You have all this....TISSUE that!" I was all, woe is me, until I got home and took a look. Yes, it is VERY red, and there were even more blisters, but all that "swollen tissue" is about 90% my regrown tonsils. I guess it isn't that common...**

**Also again, Missy totally made dinner last night. It was awesome. She is pretty handy to have around!**

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