Friday, November 20, 2009

Catching Up

Wow. I think this may actually be the longest I have ever been away from my blog... Sorry guys. Life really is crazy around here. Today is the last day of an eleven day stretch at work. My lab partner is on vacation and we are just hellishly busy. I haven't forgotten old bio girl, I just honestly haven't had time. I don't think I have even sat down at my computer since last Monday. It has all just been work-work-work, Henry-Henry-Henry.

The saddest part is, I have lots to talk about. Like the fact that Henry seems to HATE FOOD. Oh yes. He loved his rice cereal so much that I never saw this as a possibility. But the sweet potatoes....oh lord. I have never seen a child hate something so much in his life. EVER. He clamps his mouth shut, he shakes his head violently, he screams, he cries. IT. IS. AWFUL. Worse yet, he now doesn't trust us with his cereal. You know...because it might be poison sweet potatoes. The fits...oh lord the fits. Looks like the entire food thing might be a little bit of a struggle. For now we have hidden all sweet potatoes, and are going to give some sweet peas a try this weekend.

Also, I am having breast feeding issues. Bad timing what with him boycotting anything on a spoon. This deserves an entire anxiety ridden post of it's own, but basically my supply is dropping. It is a big issue, and I really don't know what to do about it. For now I called the doctor and they called in some medicine. They told me this happens to some moms with Thyroid issues. A fact I really wish tehy told me SIX MONTH AGO. This has been an issue for several months and it would have been nice to know there was an underlying medical cause and that I wasn't just failing at breast feeding...

In other non-baby news, I am going to see New Moon tonight! So excited! (no transition to this thought...just wanted to get it out there...)

Oh yeah, and the baby was sick from his shots this week. A fever and what not. Nothing big, just enough to keep him up all night. Fun times when Mama is working an 11 day stretch, very long hours, and has an audit of the lab the next morning.

Oh...and the six month pictures! I haven't forgotten those either. Oh man, you all will want to see these. But...I am out of time. This is already WAY longer than I expected. For now, here is one family shot...
Pretty cute, right? Okay, I really gotta run. Just wanted to get a couple of these random updates posted. Clearly I shouldn't take five days off of blogging again. it leads to this garbled mess of a post. Oh well. Welcome to my brain. I will post the rest of the pictures sometimes this weekend. I promise! And maybe a New Moon review...and maybe a little more about the breast feeding...and...well...maybe I shouldn't make too many promises. I do have a DVR that is now 98% full. It will also require some attention.

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  1. Man 11 day shifts are tough... I used to have to work 11 days out of 12 every two weeks in the summer and it was HARD... I can't imagine it with a baby.

    Sorry to hear about the breastfeeding issues and Henry not liking food... good luck with that!!

    Hope New Moon is good and you manage to get a bit of rest this weekend as well as catching up on all you want to do.

    Oh and the picture is just perfect :o)