Saturday, November 21, 2009

Six Month Pictures (Finally)

So, here they are. I am sure they are not that impressive seeing as how I have been talking about them as if they are the holy grail of pictures for the past week. In reality, the entire picture taking deal was a little annoying because the place was CRAZY busy due to everyone wanting holiday pictures and what not. Usually they work with us forever, let me change his clothes as much as I want, and basically will happily shoot pictures of him for hours. This time it was much more along the lines of "click, click, done" . Still, I totally love them.

Precious six month old boy.

A six month old boy who can totally sit up by himself and didn't even need that bobby behind him "just in case". Of course, I was shocked by this. His stamina for sitting up at the picture place was incredible. At home he lasts maybe a minute.
He wishes he was on the move!
Then...well...we sorta joined the group of crazies who wanted the holiday pictures taken. But seriously, how sweet are these?!?!
One of my favorite pictures ever. Really wish there wasn't a Christmas tree in it so I could have it out all year long.
Tummy time under the tree
And finally, one last shot of the family. We actually bought the other one, but I thought this came out cute too. And that's it. Was it worth the hype? Probably not.


  1. I think all the pictures turned out great.

    My favorite is the one of Henry sitting on the lazy boy type chair. The expression on his face is great. My other favorite is family one. You all look so happy!