Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Review

Well, we had an awesome holiday. A packed holiday, but an awesome one. I gotta be honest, I am sorta sick today (had a cold that as of this morning has settled in my chest. Lovely) and not really into detailed blogging, so we are going to go with the old tried and true method of post-baby-pictures-and-hope-everyone-is-happy. Hope that works for you all! Oh...I should mention that I did a TERRIBLE job of photographing Henry's first Thanksgiving. I promise to do better at Christmas! Makes this post all the more enticing, right?? So here we go...
Here is the family at my parents house! Now I know you see this picture and you are like, "Well that's cute! She did a good job with pictures!" WRONG. Because...this is the only one from my parents. THE ONLY ONE. No picture with Nanny and Papaw, no picture with aunts and uncles, no pictures with the THREE great grandparents that were there. NOTHING. Still, it came out cute.
So, then the next day....which was actually Thanksgiving day...Henry ate in his high chair for the very first time! I am just adding this to help distract from the lack of family pictures from my parents house. *SHAME*
After the high chair triumph, we went to Nick's dad's house for Thanksgiving. Here is the entire crew! (I only have this picture because someone else was on top of getting it together, then I tossed the picture taker my camera so I could get it too. I really am usually better about this picture taking business)
Granddaddy and Gram loving on their boy. Henry wants to know why I am distracting him from some grandparent love.
And NOW....we are in South Carolina! That's right. Friday we jumped in the car and drove to visit Nick's family. We went with Henry's Nana (not pictured) Aunt Candice (not pictured) and Uncle Chris (also not pictured). Oh...and Nick went (not pictured). But I did get in a photo. Funny how that happens.
Henry meeting cousin Caleb for the first time. So, if Caleb is Nick's cousin, is he Henry's great cousin? His second cousin? I can never remember how that goes.

And here is Henry with his Great Mawmaw! Yes, I took this picture when we were walking out the door Sunday morning because I was all like, "DAMN IT. I didn't even get him in a picture with MAWMAW! So I asked if she would mind, and she was like, "I am NOT taking a picture!" Which I could understand because it was early in the morning and she was in her bath robe and everything, but then I was like, "it's for HENRY" and she was like, "Oh, well then. Ok." Henry has magical powers over Mawmaw.

So, that is our holiday weekend in a nutshell. There was a huge rock slide on the interstate we take to South Carolina, so we went on this two hour detour. And...yeah, that sucked. And Henry was sick and I was sick, but we still had a great visit. We love sharing our sweet boy with all the family that loves him so. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend too!


  1. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving, despite being sick.

    I love the family picture!

  2. Still love the pictures!! Cousin Caleb and Henry would be 1st cousins once removed. There wouldn't be second cousins until Caleb or Henry have children.