Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Yes, we are totally those parents that took a six month old trick or treating. Yes, it was sorta obvious that people were really just giving Mama and Papa some candy. SHAME. But we had a great reason! This Halloween actually doubled as my perfect godson's birthday party. It was a costume filled, pumpkin painting extravaganza! Of course, we didn't actually let Henry paint...because it seemed obvious that the only place the paint would go was directly into his mouth. My boy, the genius. Here's Henry and Wesley playing with a Transformer. Clearly Henry needs to take some lessons from Wes on how to look incredibly adorable in a picture...
Oh no, wait. Henry has it down too. He just likes to be the lone subject of his pictures.
Henry says, "I don't know about this you they give milk as treats??"
Officially a trick or treating pro! (For the record this was one of the two houses that Henry trick or treated at...just so you don't think I went all candy crazy. We do have limits.)
mama and her boy on his very first Halloween

Without a doubt, the cutest Dragon and Jean Luc Picard EVER!


  1. What a cute and unique costume!!!

    Henry is so stinkin' cute! : )

  2. I love that you took the background blanket with you trick-or-treating.

    If I had a baby, I would have so taken them out on Halloween as well.

    Glad you all had fun, and really Henry is so flipping cute!

  3. Oh he is just so adorable - I love that you took him trick or treating!! And the costume is the greatest costume ever :o) Who can't love Jean-Luc??