Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Mario Player EVER

The other night Nick and I were sitting around playing the new Mario Brothers game on the Wii. If you have a Wii and you like the old original Mario games go buy this. It is awesome. Anyway, I have always sorta prided myself in being a good Mario player. I am not a fan of a lot of video games, I like the puzzle games and I like Mario. Anything more complicated than pointing the your guy to the right and jumping over bad guys is just too difficult for me. But Mario, Mario I can do. It is completely on my level! So when we got it for Christmas I was so excited to play. I ask Nick if he wants to play with me and he says he will just watch. I prepare to dazzle him with my amazing Mario skills. For years I have watched him play games and here it was. My moment to shine.

I roll through the first couple boards okay, but then things get dicey. I die. Several times. In the exact same spot. I can see Nick getting antsy. He wants to take the remote. He wants to beat the board. But he wants to allow me to learn. I make it though. I am proud. Nick doesn't seem impressed by my dazzling though. I trudge on. I get to the end of the first world! The castle! I am so amazed!

Then it happens. I enter the castle and I get to work. The thing it, it is taking me quite a long time. Even I can see it. But, you know, I am working it out. I am moving along. I am going to beat it...eventually! But Nick has reached his breaking point. He asks if I need help. I toss him the controller. Because, well...yes, I could use some help. Then this conversation occurred:

Nick: *flying through the castle with ease* You are the worst Mario Player ever. In the entire world. The worst.

Me: *HORRIFIED* I am NOT! I am GOOD! It's just that Boo usually beats the castles... (trails off...not much more to say. clearly this explains it all)

Nick: YOU ARE THIRTY YEARS OLD?? You need your older sister to beat the castle at the end of Level ONE? WORST. PLAYER. EVER.

Me: *thinking that actually now I have a husband to handle the castle so really I am just fine thankyouverymuch* Whatever. I am awesome at Mario. I know it.

Nick: Sure you are

So....Maybe I am not the Mario master that I remember being. How every sad for me. But, turns out as long as we take turns while playing, every single board gets beat. Who really keeps track if I beat any or if I always die and Nick beats them all. As a TEAM, we are Mario masters! DAZZLING!

Not interested in video games? Here is a picture of Henry to make reading this post worth it!

Henry says: Seriously Mama? You couldn't even beat the world one castle? I will be schooling you at Mario in no time.

Mama: Go to your room Henry.


  1. I am AWFUL at video games..even Mario. I'm impressed you got as a far as you did! Ryan even admitted that it is harder than it used to be with the Wii controller. Blame it on the controller, you are still the Mario master! See you soon I hope!

  2. This may be one of my favorite entries ever! I laughed by butt off.

  3. I can't play video games to save my soul. I'm just awful, it doesn't even matter what game it is.

    I also laughed when I read this funny. And of course the picture of Henry is just adorable!

  4. HAHAHAHA!!!!! This is your best post all year! Boo really beats the castles for you?!?! hahahahaha.... Oh how I love my little sarah. SO glad you're in the family of video game 'wizards' now.

    Our childhood was a little different with the video games I guess. We(neighbors,friends, siblings, cousins) grew up having to watch Chris play and learn the techniques, so that when it was our time to shine we couldn't screw up. If we did make a mistake or die--it would be followed by being called the biggest idiot ever and publicly shamed from being so horrible at gaming. What a bunch of nerds we were/are! :) thanks for the post. love ya! ps The snow world is a beast.